How to Cash Out Bitcoin to Your Bank Account

How to Cash Out Bitcoin to Bank Account
How you decide to cash out bitcoin will likely depend on your trading activity, the amount you want to liquidate, and your client profile. We cover the available options below.

Investment Platforms for Expats [What to Know]

Investment Platforms for Expats

For expats, it can be challenging to find investment platforms to work with. A lot of traditional US brokerages, for example, will not accept international clients. And they may even freeze or restrict transactions if they see logins from abroad…

Business Bank Account For LLC [US Business Banking]

US Business Bank Account Opening
Opening a business bank account for an LLC is 100% possible to navigate remotely. With the right information, foreign-owned LLCs can benefit from financing, business loans, and credit cards with US bank accounts.

Best International Bank [100% Remote Opening]

Best International Bank

Opening an account with the best international bank can offer foreign non-residents attractive benefits, profitable investments, and valuable services. But, how do you know where to find the best international bank? Well, it highly depends on your client profile and…

COVID-19 Banking Q&A: Your Questions Answered

Covid 19 Banking feature image

Last week, we asked GlobalBanks subscribers if they had any questions about banking during the COVID-19 outbreak. As it turns out, the current crisis and the resulting economic impact have people worried about banking. Very worried. As you’ll see below,…

How to Keep Your Money Safe During The COVID-19 Crisis

money safe during COVID-19 feature image

Lots of people are wondering how they can keep money safe during the COVID-19 crisis. And it makes sense. Governments and banks around the world are facing massive uncertainty right now. Fear and panic are everywhere thanks to COVID-19 and…

Barings Bank Failure Will Happen Again – Are You Ready?

barings bank failure

Exactly 25 years ago today, on February 26th, the world watched as the Barings Bank failure took place in front of our eyes. Barings Bank was one of the most prominent and well-respected banks in the history of the world…

Offshore Structuring: The #1 Mistake That People Keep Making


An offshore structuring strategy can be one of the best things you do for your business.  There are lots of reasons why structuring your company in an offshore jurisdiction could make sense for you. We’ve covered many of these benefits…

Banking Reputation [Why It Matters]

Banking Reputation
Banking reputation refers to the country’s currency controls, political issues, economic stability, rule of law, and quality of the banks.

How to Use Offshore Accounts to Protect Your Assets

How to Use Offshore Accounts to Protect Your Assets feature image

If you don’t have an offshore bank account, you’re exposing your assets to risks and missing out on offshore asset protection opportunities. Why? Because you’re keeping all your eggs in one basket. So, if you live in a sue-happy country,…

How to Legally Avoid Taxes With Offshore Accounts

how to avoid taxes with offshore accounts feature image
How to avoid taxes with offshore accounts: While it’s 100% possible to avoid & reduce taxes, doing so requires change in residency, tax-efficient structures, and the right bank accounts.

Banking in Lebanon: A Cautionary Tale


Banking in Lebanon used to be seen as a status symbol. It was home to solid banks with good reputations that offered customers stability (and banking secrecy) in a shaky part of the world. But banking in Lebanon is changing.…

Cuba Banking Sector [Thoughts From Havana]

cuba banking sector feature image

I’m just as surprised as you are that I’m writing about Cuba’s banking sector. But here I am, writing from my balcony in Havana. While I’ve traveled to a lot of different countries over the years, Cuba never made the…

You Can’t Blame the Irish… or Can You?

ireland started the bail-outs

If you’re like me, and you probably are, you wouldn’t just step aside and let someone walk into your home and steal all of your personal belongings. But would you let the Irish government do it? You see, Ireland started…

Easy Account Opening – What You Need to Know Before Applying

Easy bank account opening feature image

If you’re looking for an easy bank account to open, you probably know that opening an international account can be a frustrating experience. Increasingly strict Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations have led many banks to shut…

How to Open a Bank Account [Your FREE Guide]

How to Open a Bank Account

How to open a bank account will ultimately depend on a few key factors related to you and the type of account you’re looking to open. These factors include where you want to open, your residency status, how much you’re…

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