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Our private client services expertly guide high-net-worth individuals, cross-border enterprises, financial institutions, and complex client profiles to the banking and financial services that match their international banking objectives.

*Please review qualifying criteria prior to requesting information.

What is Private Client?

As the global leader in cross-border and international account opening solutions, we are well placed to help you navigate prospective banking relationships, the suitability of jurisdictions, and financial services that match the unique characteristics of your client profile and international banking requirements. 

While the other account opening solutions offered by GlobalBanks assist you with opening a single bank account in a single country, Private Client offers dedicated support to plan your cross-border banking requirements, identify suitable banking relationships in multiple jurisdictions, and help you navigate the account opening process with each new bank.

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How Does Private Client Serve You?

High-Net-Worth Individuals

Cross-Border Enterprises

Banks and Financial Institutions

Complex Client Profiles

How Does Private Client Serve You?

Private Client is your all-access-pass to the world of international banking.

We help you ‘cut the line’, introduce you to best-in-class bankers, and help you open accounts with the best financial institutions that exist around the world. 

As a member of Private Client, you receive direct support from the senior banking team at GlobalBanks, including:

A custom international banking strategy to meet your specific objectives and concerns.

A complete assessment of your client and risk profile involving assessments of personal, business, and investing activities. 

Negotiation of account opening requirements when possible prior to applying for accounts in order to match your specific requirements.

Pre-approval for account opening at world-class banks whenever possible in order to streamline the account opening process.

And, direct personal introductions to senior bankers to ensure white glove service from the banks of your choosing.

In short, GlobalBanks Private Client is the most sophisticated international account opening solution available, anywhere.

If you would like to learn more, review the relevant information below and submit a request for further information.


High-Net-Worth Individuals

Private Client supports high-net-worth individuals and wealthy families from a wide range of jurisdictions and risk profiles.

While the needs of each individual and family are different, most applicants are seeking assistance with:

The average HNWI accepted into Private Client has between $5,000,000 and $25,000,000 in total assets and is seeking international diversification. Most are successful entrepreneurs or inheritance recipients, looking to establish long-term banking relationships.

To qualify, HNWI applicants should be prepared to make an initial deposit between $250,000 and $1,000,000 per account with an expectation that balances will continue to grow.

The cost to access Private Client for most high-net-worth individuals is $5,000.

Cross-Border Enterprises

Private Client supports cross-border enterprises engaged in active operations, trade, and investments.

Jurisdictions vary widely, as do the activities, risk profiles, and backgrounds of shareholders and directors.

Most cross-border enterprise clients are seeking:

The average enterprise accepted into Private Client has annual revenue in excess of $5,000,000 and is active in three or more international markets.

To qualify, an enterprise will need sufficient transaction activity, or be prepared to make an initial deposit of $500,000, or have suitable borrowing requirements.

The cost to access Private Client for most enterprise clients is $10,000.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Private Client supports existing and newly licensed financial institutions as well principals engaged in early-stage feasibility studies.

Most banks and financial institutions are seeking:

The average financial institution accepted into Private Client already holds a relevant license, has paid-up capital in excess of $5,000,000, and has products and services that cater to foreign non-resident clients.

To qualify, banks and financial institutions should be licensed by a reputable bank regulator or are interested in obtaining a license in a similar jurisdiction.

The cost to access Private Client for most banks or financial institution is $25,000.

Complex Client Profiles

Private Client supports individuals and businesses with complex client profiles that face significant challenges opening and maintaining international bank accounts. 

While each case is different, these complex profiles often involve high-risk jurisdictions, high-risk sources of wealth, and difficulties with meeting the onboarding requirements of bank compliance teams.

Complex client profiles can expect:

Most complex client profiles accepted into Private Client are looking to make a mid-six figure to low-seven figure deposit. In most cases, they are also willing to invest in bank products and services, especially when opening with private banks. 

Complex client profiles who do not match this criteria will face significant challenges when trying to open bank accounts. If you would like us to assess your suitability for Private Client, please share as much detail as possible when submitting your request for information below.

The cost to access Private Client for most individuals or entities with a complex client profile is $5,000.

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