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Banking in the USA

Banking in the US is one of the most advantageous tools for foreigners, non-residents, foreign companies, and offshore structures. But, if you ask most banking professionals, they’ll tell you opening a bank account in the US as a non-resident foreigner or foreign business is impossible. Well, they’re wrong.

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Banking in the USA

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Opening a US bank account as a foreigner, non-resident, or for foreign non-resident businesses is extremely hard.

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Banking in the USA Guide

Banking in the USA 101

Banking in the US can give you access to the most sophisticated financial market in the world. With US banking comes a stable currency, access to credit, and attractive credit card rewards. 

Contrary to popular belief, banking in the US is an option for foreign and non-resident businesses, individuals, and even offshore structures. You, just need to have the right information and know how to successfully apply for an account.

With this in mind, here is a list of the groups that can open US bank accounts.

Who Qualifies for Banking in the US

  • Non-resident & foreign individuals
  • Non-resident & foreign businesses
  • Non-resident foreign owned US LLCs
  • Companies registered in most offshore jurisdictions
  • Passive foriegn investment companies (PFICs)

As you can see, the only groups not included in this are individuals and businesses with ties to US blacklisted countries. 

So if you fall into one of the groups listed above (which you probably do), let’s take a look at how you can start opening US bank accounts right now.

How to Open US Bank Accounts

The first step to open a US bank account is to know the type of account you want. Do you want a personal or business bank account? This is important because there are different requirements for each. Also, the requirements vary from bank to bank. Note that, some banks allow business accounts to be opened remotely, but personal banking typically requires an in-person visit.

In general, if you’re trying to open a either a personal or business account with a brick-and-mortar US bank (remotely), you should expect to deposit between a few thousand and few hundred thousand. Yes, that’s a big range. 

Most individuals and business can access real brick-and-mortar US banks with just a few thousand dollars. If you want more premium banking services, investment support, or a bank with international branchesthen you will need to deposit more. 

Also, if you want to open a digital bank account for a non-resident US LLC, there are some options available that do not have an initial deposit requirement. But, those platforms generally make it difficult for foreign non-residents to open accounts and lack the support a business needs. 

Lastly, before choosing a bank, you should consider whether or not you are willing to travel to open the account. You will have more options if you can open an account in person. But you’ll have to decide if this is worth the additional costs of flights, accommodation and ground transportation. 

If you would like to save money in the process of opening a bank account in the US, there are some great options that will enable you to open accounts from the comfort of your home. We help members of our US account opening service do this every day. 

If you’re ready to open US accounts today, find out how to get started below.


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Banking in the USA

Below you’ll find our archive of free resources to assist with opening (and maintaining) US business bank accounts. 

This includes detailed articles to help you open accounts and free guides explaining how to navigate challenges for specific business types.

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