Best Offshore Bank Account Interest Rates

If you’re hunting for the best offshore bank account interest rates, you’re not alone.

Unprecedented periods of negative interest rates, market uncertainty, and instability across formerly stable nations are contributing to a desire for higher interest rates through offshore bank accounts.

Unfortunately, finding the best offshore bank account interest rates is more difficult than you’d expect. In fact, most offshore banks don’t offer attractive interest rates at all.

That said, there are a number of offshore banks, spread across a small selection of banking jurisdictions that offer surprisingly attractive interest rates.

In this article, we’ll explore which countries to consider, the risks, what to watch out for,  and how to strategically open accounts so you can access the best offshore bank account interest rates.

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What Are the Best Offshore Bank Account Interest Rates Available?

If you’re from any one of the developed countries of the West, you’re probably familiar with interest rates between 0% and 1.5%. But, if you’re lucky, you might be able to find something around 2% with a long term deposit or a part of a special “welcome” offer to attract new clients.

If that doesn’t sound overly enticing to you, it might be time to tap into geo-arbitrage opportunities and open bank accounts in countries where available interest rates are much higher.

Doing so can result in high single-digit interest rates, even in your home currency. And, this might allow you to outpace the rise in inflation in your home country.

For example, it’s entirely possible for depositors to capture interest rates in the range of 3% to 7%, depending on the currency, term of deposit, and the country where they bank.

Of course, there are important factors and risks that depositors must consider when chasing the best offshore bank account interest rates. But, more on that in a bit.

To help you get a better understanding of what’s possible, we want to share an example of the best offshore bank account interest rates that are available in a popular banking hub right now. So, here’s a look at the sort of interest rates and deposit terms that you could consider in Panama.

Best Offshore Bank Account Interest Rates (Panama Example)

wdt_ID Term US APY (High) Panama APY (Average)
1 3 Months 1.30% 2.00%
2 6 Months 1.70% 2.65%
3 12 Months 1.90% 3.25%
4 18 Months 1.90% 3.50%
5 2 Year 1.90% 3.75%
6 3 Year 2.22% 4.00%
7 4 Year 2.10% 4.00%
8 5 Year 2.20% 4.15%

Interest rates like these are available to pretty much anyone, as long as you have the right information, know where to look, who to contact, and how and where to open the best offshore bank account.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at where the best interest rates via offshore bank accounts are available today.

Find the Best Offshore Bank Account Interest Rates

Best offshore bank account interest rates countries
Not surprisingly, to access the best offshore bank account interest rates, you’re going to look… well, offshore.

But, not all offshore jurisdictions are equal. Banks in certain countries may offer interest rates in the range of 1.5% to 3%, not much better than your home country. In these cases, it may not be worth the transaction fees, tax reporting complexities, or other considerations to even open an offshore bank account.

That said, banks in other countries might offer rates between 3% and 7%, which is significantly more attractive than what you’d receive at home.

The key is knowing where to get the best offshore bank account interest rates while also balancing the risks with the country where you plan to bank.

With this in mind, here is a selection of countries that offer interesting interest rates, while still offering suitable banking environments.

Needless to say, all countries present risks to depositors, so do consider all your options and the risks before making a decision.

Countries Offering the Best Offshore Bank Account Interest Rates:

wdt_ID Country Interest Rate (USD %)
1 Mongolia 5.40
2 Indonesia 4.50
3 Ukraine 4.25
4 Cambodia 4.25
5 Georgia 3.50
6 Turkey 3.00
7 Panama 2.20

Of course, knowing which country to bank in isn’t enough to actually access the best offshore bank account interest rates. For that, review the account opening section below. But first, let’s discuss risks.

Best Offshore Bank Account Interest Rates Risks

Best offshore bank account interest rates risks
Opening offshore bank accounts is a polarizing topic. The internet is littered with extreme opinions – often either for or against them.

Our team is more pragmatic. In fact, we see value and utility in both onshore and offshore bank accounts. And which banking strategies are best for you depends on who you are and your banking objectives. But, there are risks that everyone should consider before opening offshore accounts to reap the benefits of interest rates.

Here is a snapshot of some of the key risks to consider before opening an offshore bank account with the purpose of accessing the highest interest rates possible. We discuss each in detail below.

Risks With the Best Offshore Bank Account Interest Rates

  • Bank Risk
  • Country Risk
  • Cross Border Considerations
  • Bank Business Model
  • Account Opening
  • Other Risks

Bank Risk

One of the most important factors is the stability of the bank where you are planning to open accounts. There are a number of ways for you to figure this out, but our team suggests looking at the Liquidity Ratio and the Solvency Ratio of the bank.

Some depositors may think working out these two equations is overkill, it’s really not. Five minutes to find the right numbers and calculate these two ratios could save you a tremendous amount of loss later on.

Of course, if you’re using the bank’s financial statements, you will be assuming that their numbers are accurate. And, even if those statements are audited, you will be assuming their auditors didn’t lie.

While this may seem overly skeptical, a certain level of polite skepticism is good when you’re looking to open offshore accounts in countries where you don’t have experience and don’t understand the local culture.

Country Risk

Banks may be standalone entities, but they operate within specific countries and economic systems. With this in mind, you should always feel comfortable with the economic outlook of a country before making a major deposit in the banking sector.

Now, it’s true that some banks may be relatively independent of their home economy. But this is rare. For instance, most banks engage in lending, whether through mortgages or commercial loans. And while such debt products are usually only available to local borrowers, they can negatively impact all depositors, including offshore clients.

For example, if there is an economic downturn and non-performing loans increase across the banking sector, your bank could be impacted. Hopefully, your bank will be in a position to manage this. But, if not, your principal could be at risk.

Cross Border Considerations

Typically, when it comes to opening offshore bank accounts, most people are worried about whether or not they will be able to open an account based on the bank’s policies.

But, there is another cross border consideration that you should consider. And that’s whether or not there could be tax implications for you as an individual looking to open an overseas bank account. Such implications could range from reporting requirements to taxes.

In all cases, the situation varies depending on the tax laws that apply in your country of residency (and citizenship), your ties to the country where you plan to bank, and how the banking country taxes earnings generated from your bank deposits.

To make sure you’re choosing offshore bank accounts and interest rates that best match your client profile, it’s important to familiarize yourself with these considerations first. This also might include speaking with a qualified advisor or account that’s familiar with your profile and objectives. This is particularly important for people hailing from countries with particularly harsh tax laws, like the US.

Bank Business Model

It’s also important to understand the business model of the bank that you’re considering. This can impact whether or not your money is going to be safe.

Fortunately, many offshore banks operate business models that are focused on generating fees instead of lending or high-risk investing. And while fees may sound like a bad thing, when it comes to bank business models, it could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Banks that generate a significant portion of their income from fees limit depositor risk. Instead, for fee-based banks, assets are held by the bank, managed on behalf of clients, and the bank generates income by providing services and facilitating transactions.

Of course, there are very few banks that only engage in fee-based transactions. So, it’s important to understand all of the ways your bank makes money and the risks that this can expose your money to before opening accounts.

Other Risks

Before taking a look at the account opening risks, we thought it would be important to highlight some of the other risks associated with offshore bank account interest rates. These include:

  • Currency risk
  • Local inflation rates
  • Economic & political risk
  • Deposit guarantees
  • Exchange controls & restrictions
  • Alternative options (e.g. securities, short-term bonds, other investments)

Be sure to consider each of these carefully before you open an account with a bank in a high-interest environment.

Account Opening

Finally, while many prospective clients may feel that unlocking the best offshore bank account interest rates should be a straightforward process, it’s not. That’s why the most immediate risk is the time and money you could end up wasting trying to open offshore bank accounts with the wrong banks.

To find the right offshore bank account (and access the best interest rates), you need to make sure the bank, branch, and banker are suitable for your client profile. That means ensuring the bank caters to non-residents with client profiles like yours. Of course, they also need to offer the products you want and facilitate the kind of account opening you’re after.

Let’s take a look at how you can actually access the best offshore bank account interest rates, including through remote account opening, right now.

Access the Best Offshore Bank Account Interest Rates

How to access the best offshore bank account interest rates
Depending on your client profile, opening an offshore bank account can be an expensive and time-consuming nightmare. The key to getting it right is knowing which countries, banks, branches, and bankers to choose from. To do this, you need to know which are best suited to which clients. This step alone can save thousands of dollars in the account opening process.

Unfortunately, figuring out the countries, banks, and bankers that cater to certain client types isn’t as easy as picking up a phone or sending an email. Bankers are busy, may not speak your language, don’t have time to serve unqualified prospects, and don’t want to deal with non-residents.

In the worst-case scenario, a customer service rep might respond and provide you with the account opening process. Then, after hours and hundreds in fees to compile documents, get authentications, coordinate postage, and apply for an account – you’re rejected. Or worse, you discover the rep gave you incorrect information, missed something, or simply wasn’t thorough.

These outcomes are not uncommon when prospects are trying to access the best offshore bank account interest rates. With this in mind, here are some helpful questions to ask when trying to find a suitable bank.

Unlock the Best Offshore Bank Account Interest Rates

Above, we shared the risks and considerations to be aware of. Now, let’s look at some of the important questions that should also be answered before opening accounts with the intention of accessing high-interest rates.

Offshore Bank Account Opening Considerations:

  1. Which banks offer offshore accounts to non-residents?
  2. Which banks accept clients with your particular residency and citizenship?
  3. Does the bank offer the desired currencies?
  4. Which banks offer the best interest rates for the desired deposit terms?
  5. What are the fees associated with opening accounts at this bank?
  6. Are there any cross border or tax considerations when banking in this country?
  7. What are the risks associated with banking in this country?
  8. What is the bank’s business model and the associated risks?
  9. Are depositors protected in case of a bank failure?
  10. And many more…

Fortunately, there is a fast and cost-effective way to answer all of the above questions without embarking on a massive scavenger hunt.

How to Access the Best Offshore Bank Account Interest Rates Remotely

Remote account opening is becoming increasingly difficult and rarer around the world. This is because of increasing compliance requirements, stricter AML and KYC rules, and pressure from international authorities.  As a result, banks do more customer due diligence than ever before. This results in more restrictions on remote account opening.

So, it’s no surprise that remote account opening options are becoming highly sought after. After all, being able to open an account online is faster and cheaper. Especially when you’re considering flying across the world for a 60-minute meeting.

Fortunately, our team helps GlobalBanks Insiders find and open bank accounts remotely in top offshore banking jurisdictions. This includes rock-solid international banks as well as lesser-known banks offering high-interest rates with sound financials.

In most cases, remote account opening involves a phone call or video interview. Sometimes you will need to send documents for verification. However, we’ve even arranged for bankers to fly to meet Insiders in-person. In all cases, the process to open accounts is straightforward and easy. You just need to have the right information and know which banks to apply to. Of course, knowing which bankers to contact and which account opening strategies are best for you helps too.

Ready to Access the Best Offshore Bank Account Interest Rates?

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