About GlobalBanks Insider

We're a team of analysts, ex-bankers, and entrepreneurs that obsess over international & offshore banking.

We help non-residents, expats, and businesses access the benefits of the offshore banking world & open international accounts.

Why GlobalBanks Started

If you’ve struggled with opening accounts in the past, you’re not alone

Regulations are tightening and account opening is getting more difficult. And if you do business internationally, you can’t rely on a single bank account anymore. It’s the equivalent of financial suicide.

But there’s a lot of inaccurate and misguided information out there. It’s hard to know where to turn or who to trust.

All this has made finding real international & offshore banking solutions an almost impossible task. 

We experienced this first hand too many times… and that’s exactly why we started GlobalBanks.

Since 2014, we have obsessively tracked over 900+ international and offshore banks, digging into account opening and offshore trends in every banking hub imaginable.

We’ve uncovered the dirt, ripped apart account opening processes, and helped countless people open accounts and navigate the offshore banking world.

Each month we publish actionable banking intelligence reports, update the GlobalBanks Database, compile the latest account opening hacks, and our team of analysts help you solve your toughest banking challenges.

Why? So you can find the answers you’ve been looking for and open bank accounts faster and easier than anywhere else.

Account Opening Made Easy

Without the right knowledge it’s nearly impossible for individuals and companies today to open desirable international bank accounts, leaving you with only low-grade options that could get shut down next week.

But with GlobalBanks Insider we analyze the best banking options around the world and then show you exactly how to take advantage of them, how to open accounts, who to talk to, and exactly where to go. All with our analysts there to support you and walk you through the entire process.

All You Need in one place

How You Benefit

GlobalBanks analyzes the best banking options around the world, tells you where to apply, how to open accounts, and what to watch out for. And our analysts support you throughout the entire process.

What You Get

When you join, you get actionable intelligence reports for client types & countries with specific banking options, access to the GlobalBanks database with detailed bank profiles and analyst insights for the top banks in over 50 countries, and real-time analyst support through chat and email.

Our Promise To You

Our team of analysts spends hundreds of hours each month digging through paperwork, analyzing banks, and talking to bankers to identify ultra-safe banks and account opening strategies that actually work. You save time, money, avoid expensive introducers and middlemen, and get access to better bank accounts.

Make no mistake, this is the most comprehensive international banking resource you’ll find anywhere.

We Help You Every Step
Of The Way

Get access to the tools, intelligence, and key contacts you need to instantly access 
the offshore banking world, open bank accounts, and avoid expensive mistakes today.

Open Bank Accounts In Countries Where You Have No Ties

Download our free guide to access the world of offshore banking and gain key tips and tricks to open an account as a foreigner without wasting your time or money!

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