Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions below. If you don’t find the answer that you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us directly by using the form on our Contact page.

What Is GlobalBanks?

GlobalBanks is the leading provider of intelligence on international and offshore banking globally.

We help wealthy individuals, business owners, and investors find and open the best bank accounts for their international banking needs.

We also produce free content to educate people on the benefits of international banking and inspire them to find better banks.

You can learn more about our mission and signup to receive more information on our About Page.

How Do I Know GlobalBanks Is the Best?

Our team has been engaged in international banking for two decades, and has helped countless businesses find viable solutions.

Furthermore, GlobalBanks is solely dedicated to providing intelligence on international and offshore banking. Unlike many other service providers, we only focus on banking.

With this in mind, the only way that we can maintain our reputation is by continuing to deliver value to our members. We do this by ensuring that our intelligence and tools are the best in the world.

Where Can I Find Customer Reviews?

We understand that you might want to review feedback from current and past customers before deciding if you want to use GlobalBanks to help you open bank accounts. 

So, we asked some of our customers to provide feedback on their experiences, the challenges they faced, and how they used GlobalBanks to open accounts. 

Click here to read customer reviews right now.

Does GlobalBanks Get Paid by Banks?

No, and here’s why… 

GlobalBanks is a service dedicated to helping individuals and their businesses open the best banking solutions for their needs. 

For this reason, we think it’s important to maintain a completely independent approach when it comes to identifying and sharing banking options. 

If we received compensation from banks (like most account opening services), that independence would be compromised.

How Often Is GlobalBanks Updated?

GlobalBanks systematically reviews banks around the world for updates to their account opening policies and practices.

This includes assessing financials, management practices, ownership, and bank policies. We also update bank profiles based on specific events, as and when they occur.

Plus, GlobalBanks releases new bank intelligence reports, new account opening checklists, and other account opening resources every month.

How Can I Learn More About What You Do?

To learn more about GlobalBanks and the services that we offer, you can access the following free resources or review all of the membership options available on our products page by clicking here.

Is International Banking Legal?

Yes, opening bank accounts in other countries is 100% legal. In fact, it can often form an important part of your internationalization strategy for yourself or your business. 

That said, if any members of GlobalBanks are found to be using the information provided by GlobalBanks for illegal activities, they will be removed from the platform immediately. 

Furthermore, GlobalBanks will not assist anyone wishing to pursue illegal activities, or in implementing account opening strategies which violate the laws of any country.

What Is GlobalBanks' Refund Policy?

Because of the nature of the GlobalBanks platform and the immediate value that you unlock after joining, we cannot offer refunds on your payment. 

But you can cancel your subscription at any time by accessing your order dashboard from the members area of your account.

Where Can I Get Access to GlobalBanks' Products & Services?

If you’re interested in having access to the products and services offered by GlobalBanks, please click here to be taken to the products page.

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