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Business Bank Account Opening

If you have customers or suppliers outside of the country your business is registered in, it is often a smart move to open an international business bank account.

This can enable you to operate in multiple currencies and save on foreign transaction (FX) and currency conversion fees. 

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Business Bank Account Opening

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Business Bank Account Opening 101

If you’re trying to open a business bank account in the country where your company is registered and operates you should not have any problems opening accounts. 

In most cases, you’ll be able to walk into a branch or apply online for whatever account you want. This is true for most companies. 

That said, if any of the following criteria apply to you, opening a business bank account internationally or even in the country where your business is incorporated can be a challenge.

International Factors That Impact Account Opening Options

  • Business owner is a not a citizen or resident of the country
  • Operations are primarily carried out in another country
  • Customers are primarily located outside of the country
  • Suppliers are primarily located outside of the country
  • Transactions are being sent to & from international partners

Of course, there are factors specific to your business that can also impact your banking options – even if none of the above criteria apply, these include the following.

Unique Business Factors That Impact Account Opening Options

These factors can impact account opening in mainstream jurisdictions, like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zeland, Ireland, and Singapore.

And, they can also impact your business bank account opening options in emerging hubs like India, South Africa, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

But the above are just a few of the factors that can result in bank account opening challenges for your business. And, in most cases, it is a combination of factors from the two lists above that make account opening especially difficult.

Fortunately, even if any of the above factors apply, there are bank account opening options available for your business.

If you want to get started opening a business bank account right now, you can use GlobalBanks IQ to find suitable banks and navigate account opening.

GlobalBanks IQ is the most comprehensive international account opening platform available – sharing step-by-step instructions for how to open business bank accounts for international, offshore, and high-risk businesses from around the world.


GlobalBanks IQ provides immediate access to everything you need to open Business Bank Accounts in top countries around the world!

  • Choose banks in minutes with our international banking database
  • Open accounts with detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Handle banker questions easily with detailed conversation scripts
  • Meet bank requirements (e.g. local address) with proven solutions
  • Unlock exclusive offers from the best banks in our member reports
  • Receive lists of banks that accept high-risk & offshore businesses
  • Plus much more!

Finding the Perfect Business Bank Account

To find the perfect bank account for your business, you first need to decide on where you want to bank (e.g. country and bank). Sometimes the most advantageous bank account for your business may actually be outside of your business’s country of incorporation or operations.

This all comes down to your business’s specific situation. 

For example, your business may require an account in a specific country to support local transactions with customers, suppliers, or contractors. 

Or, your business may require (or prefer) an account at a specific bank because your largest client requests it.

In some cases, you may want a bank account in a different jurisdiction simply to have access to multi-currency accounts or lower cost transfer options. 

In all cases, there are country specific factors that you need to consider when opening a bank account.

Country Specific Factors When Opening a Business Bank Account

  • Existing commercial relationships in the country (e.g. customers)
  • Clear reason for opening a business bank account locally
  • Ability to meet the unique country requirements (e.g. local director)
  • Corporate structure local bankers are familiar with (e.g. BVI)
  • Supporting local requirements (e.g. local address & phone number)

Of course, you also need to consider the unique account opening factors at each bank, which typically include the following.

Bank Specific Factors When Opening a Business Bank Account

  • Deposit requirements imposed on international businesses
  • Willingness to accept the country of corporate registration
  • Acceptance of the business owners citizenship & residency
  • Accepted forms of authentication (e.g. apostille vs notarized)
  • The bank’s address requirements (e.g. local vs international)
  • Remote account opening options for international clients
  • Account management options (e.g. online vs in-branch)

These are just a few of the specific factors that business owners need to consider when opening a business bank account. We detail all of these factors (and how to overcome their related challenges) in GlobalBanks IQ.

GlobalBanks IQ also shares detailed profiles on specific banks that you can access – including 250 banks from over 50 countries. So if you’re interested in opening accounts right now, you can join GlobalBanks IQ to get started immediately.

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