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We help non-residents, expats, & businesses instantly access the banks they need to protect and growth their money.

Open accounts today using actionable intelligence, our banking contacts, a comprehensive bank database, proven strategies, and real-time support from our analysts.

Get instant access to GlobalBanks Insider and...

  • Intelligence reports for specific countries and client types with the best banking options to meet your needs
  • Real-time support to help you open the best bank accounts and solve your biggest banking hurdles
  • International Bank Profiles with account opening strategies & analyst insights for banks in +50 countries

What's Your Goal?

Grow My Money

Diversify your assets and increase your wealth with the best offshore banking opportunities available.

Protect My Assets

Protect your money from frivolous lawsuits and bankrupt governments in your home country.

Upgrade My Banking

Global transfers, payment processing, higher interest rates, the best credit cards and other banking opportunities.

About GlobalBanks

GlobalBanks analyzes the best banking options around the world, tells you where to apply, how to open accounts, and what to watch out for. And our analysts support you throughout the entire process.

When you join, you get actionable intelligence reports for client types & countries with specific banking options, access to the GlobalBanks database with detailed bank profiles and analyst insights for the top banks in over 50 countries, and real-time analyst support through chat and email.

Our team of analysts spends hundreds of hours each month digging through paperwork, analyzing banks, and talking to bankers to identify ultra-safe banks and account opening strategies that actually work. You save time, money, avoid expensive introducers and middlemen, and get access to better bank accounts.

Make no mistake, this is the most comprehensive international banking resource you’ll find anywhere.

Who We Help

Non-Residents & Expats

You want to open bank accounts in countries where you have no ties. You need to know which banks will accept you, what their requirements are, and how to open an account without wasting your time or money.

Investors & Entrepreneurs

You need a bank account to send and receive payments for yourself or your business. You need flexibility, specific currencies, and banks that are comfortable with your industry and source of income.

International Businesses

You need an international account to support your business in multiple countries, efficiently paying suppliers, and never losing a transaction. You need to reduce costs, increase benefits, and have complete confidence you’re banking with the best bank.

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Get Real-Time Support

Ask your questions and get immediate answers from our team of banking analysts, here to help you open accounts faster and easier!

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