International & Offshore Banking

We help non-residents, expats, & businesses instantly access the offshore banking world without expensive introductions or middlemen.

You can open bank accounts today using our database & contacts, actionable reports, and real-time support from our analysts.

Who We Help

Non-Residents & Expats

You want to open bank accounts in countries where you have no ties. You need to know which banks will accept you, what their requirements are, and how to open an account without wasting your time or money.

Investors & Entrepreneurs

You need a bank account to send and receive payments for yourself or your business. You need flexibility, specific currencies, and banks that are comfortable with your industry and source of income.

International Businesses

You need an international account to support your business in multiple countries, efficiently paying suppliers, and never losing a transaction. You need to reduce costs, increase benefits, and have complete confidence you’re banking with the best bank.

About GlobalBanks

Since 2014, our team has obsessively tracked offshore and international banks around the world. 

We have researched banks across the globe, are true experts in account opening strategies and pride ourselves in helping others find and open the best account for their needs.

The truth is, the need for opening bank accounts has never been higher. But it’s also never been more difficult.

That’s why our team spends countless hours on the ground talking to bankers, testing our account opening strategies, and collecting real-life experiences. 

Why? To help people like you find the answers you’ve been looking for and open bank accounts faster and easier.

Ready To Get Started?

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GlobalBanks Insider

GlobalBanks Insider is our premium flagship service. Get account opening strategies, access our global banking database, discover secret backdoors into world-class banks, and connect in our private, members-only community. 

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Unlock Insider Knowledge

Quickly decide if you want to bank in a specific country with detailed insights and strategies from our banking intelligence reports.

Access 250+ Global Banks

Choose from 250+ banks to open accounts and get instant access to account opening quirks, customer reviews, financial info, and banker contacts.


Get Real-Time Support

Ask your questions and get immediate answers from our team of banking analysts, here to help you open accounts faster and easier!

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