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If you’ve struggled opening bank accounts in the past, you’re not alone
Regulations are tightening and account opening is getting more difficult. And if you do business in multiple countries, you can’t rely on a single bank account anymore–it’s too risky.
But there’s a lot of inaccurate and misguided information out there. It’s hard to know where to turn or who to trust.
This makes finding real international & offshore banking solutions an almost impossible task. 
We experienced this first hand too many times… and that’s exactly why we started GlobalBanks.
For ten years, we’ve tracked 900+ international banks in every banking hub imaginable. We did this first to serve our own banking needs, to open accounts for our businesses & ourselves.
In the process, we’ve ripped apart account opening procedures and uncovered little-known opportunities. And we’ve monitored offshore trends, discovering the best banks for every type of client.
And while we started this work to solve our own needs, it has since evolved into something else…
Today, we share our knowledge and expertise here, on In doing so, we help others unlock all the benefits of international & offshore banking.
The intelligence we share gets bank accounts open for high-risk accounts. It increases asset protection, from frivolous lawsuits and overreaching authorities. And it gives you peace of mind that the banks managing your money are as safe as they say they are.
But it’s also a lot more than that…
Each month we publish a new banking intelligence report. These reports focus on different countries & client groups. Often, they share little known account opening secrets & opportunities. Such as remote opening, lower deposit requirements, reduced fees, and more. These reports are accessible to members of our international account opening services.
But GlobalBanks members get access to much more than our intelligence reports. This includes access to the GlobalBanks Database. 

Members of GlobalBanks Insider and GlobalBanks IQ receive access to 250+ banks in 50+ countries. Similarly, members of GlobalBanks USA get access to our US Banking Database. Each bank in our database has it’s own detailed profile, account opening information, and analyst insights.
Additionallymembers of GlobalBanks Insider and GlobalBanks USA also get real-time support from our team. This gives them access to international banking experts to solve their toughest banking problems.
There are many more benefits that GlobalBanks membership offers. To learn more, and to compare our services, please visit the product page by clicking here.
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