Unlock More Value for Your Clients

GlobalBanks Affiliate Program

Your clients will open personal & business bank accounts at top banks while you earn a 20% commission . . .

  • Focus on your core service offering while still earning money & making sure your clients needs are looked after!
  • No more wasting time moving clients from bank to bank trying to help them open accounts . . . we know which banks want them!
  • Don't risk YOUR banking relationships by introducing high-risk clients . . . we know which banks cater to high risk clients

Why You’ll Love Being an Affiliate

  • Make An Impact On Your Clients: By directing your clients to GlobalBanks Insider, you'll help them uncover real banking solutions for themselves & their businesses.
  • Save Valuable Time: Stop wasting time on bank introductions, customer service, and failed account opening attempts. Let GlobalBanks do it instead and still get paid!
  • Increased Earning Potential: You’ll earn 20% commission for every referred customer you send us. That means you can earn over $500 for every 10 customers.
  • We Support Our Affiliates: GlobalBanks Insiders have needs that extend beyond banking that we do not serve. In such instances, we highlight the services offered by our affiliates to make sure they are considered as a viable option.

GlobalBanks is Worth Sharing...

GlobalBanks Insider is the most comprehensive international banking platform available, offering account opening support, analyst insights, direct banker contacts, and much more.

You can help your clients unlock the entire platform, capture real benefits, open long-term bank accounts, and still earn money for your business.

Here's what your clients will be getting access to . . .

  • GlobalBanks Database: Give them access to 250+ banks in 50+ countries from around the world in our GlobalBanks Database.
  • Country Reports: They'll unlock the best banking options in major banking hubs, including special opportunities, bank lists, and direct banker contacts.
  • Client Reports: Give them access to step-by-step account opening strategies, top banking options and jurisdictions based on their client profiles.
  • Real-Time Support: They'll have the full support of our team of banking experts at all times to solve their biggest banking challenges & headaches.

Becoming an Affiliate is Easy . . .

You just need to sign up below. 

We’ll review your application and let you know if we have any additional questions before approving your account. 

(Most applications are reviewed and approved within 24 hours)

GlobalBanks Affiliate Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the GlobalBanks Affiliate Program?

It's a referral program (sometimes called an "affiliate program") that lets you earn commission for promoting GlobalBanks Insider to your clients.

2. What are the benefits of joining the GlobalBanks Affiliate Program?

As a GlobalBanks Affiliate, you’ll earn a 20% commission from every customer you refer. This means if you send us a customer that pays $347, you’ll earn $69.40 every time.

The best part is, joining the program is super easy — you can get started right now above, or if you’d like more info on how the process works, read on!

3. How to become a GlobalBanks Affiliate?

In just 3 steps, you can become a GlobalBanks Affiliate and start earning 20% commission for helping your clients open bank accounts.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Fill in the form above to sign up.

Step 2: After your account is approved you will receive an auto-generated password and share links. From the same email, you can sign in to your Affiliate Dashboard to enter your payment info, download any logos or assets you may need, and see all your statistics.

Step 3: Start sharing GlobalBanks Insider with your clients and give them the tools they need to start opening personal and business bank accounts!

4. How do I promote my referral link?

If you’re new to the world of affiliate programs, or if you just need some fresh ideas, we provide suggestions on how you can promote your GlobalBanks Insider referral link inside your Affiliate Dashboard.

We also provide you with a library of marketing graphics to make things even easier to promote GlobalBanks Insider to your clients.

5. How do I get paid?

When you become a GlobalBanks Affiliate, you’ll receive a unique URL that you can use to share GlobalBanks Insider with your clients.

Every time one of your clients signs up for GlobalBanks Insider using your URL you’ll receive a commission!

Ready to get started?

Sign up using the form above and we'll reply to your application right away. Most applications are approved instantly, allowing you to start promoting GlobalBanks Insider to your clients right away.

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