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Where to Bank Offshore

Offshore Bank Account Opening

Offshore bank account opening is an excellent financial diversification strategy. An offshore bank account can help you access higher returns, safer banking jurisdictions, and more stable currencies. Not to mention, a wider selection of banks and higher quality service.

To get started, select the type of offshore bank account you would like to open and use our free resources, featured articles, and expert insights to start opening offshore accounts today.

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Offshore Bank Account Opening


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Where to Bank Offshore

Offshore Bank Account Opening 101

Before jumping in, here are some of the key takeaways about opening offshore bank accounts that should be aware of.

Key Takeaways 

  • Offshore refers to banking in “offshore jurisdictions” (see below)
  • Offshore bank accounts can be opened by almost anyone
  • Both individuals & businesses can benefit from offshore banking
  • Offshore bank accounts offer economic & political diversification
  • Holding foreign currencies in offshore banks can hedge against inflation
  • Businesses can unlock substantial fx and transaction savings offshore
  • Initial deposits range from a few hundred to a few million dollars
  • Fees depend on your client profile and where you want to open an account

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What is Offshore Banking?

While offshore banking generally refers to banking “outside of your home country”, we classify it more specifically as banking in an offshore jurisdiction or offshore financial center.

Why does this distinction matter?

Some online sources incorrectly classify onshore jurisdictions like Germany and Canada as “offshore jurisdictions.” This is confusing and frankly, it’s inaccurate.

While it’s true that a foreigner banking in Germany, is technically “banking offshore” – this isn’t what “offshore banking” is referring to.

That’s because neither Germany nor Canada are easily accessible to non-resident individuals or businesses looking to open accounts. Instead, banks in both countries prefer resident account holders or account holders with substantial ties to the country. In other words, it’s very difficult to open “offshore” accounts in these jurisdictions.

So for a country to be classified as an offshore jurisdiction, it needs to be intentionally catering to offshore clients… not accidentally catering to a few foreign and non-resident clients that manage to open accounts there.

Of course, if you want to open an account in Germany or Canada, that’s great. You can access our other free resources and start exploring these options now.

How to Open an Offshore Bank Account

When opening an offshore bank account, you still need to navigate the same questions involved in banking onshore. These include questions about your objectives, account requirements, and client profile. 

That said, there are also a handful of unique “offshore” questions that you’ll need to consider before applying as well.

Unique “Offshore Banking” Questions You Should Consider

  • Can you or you or your business demonstrate sufficient ties to the country?
  • Are bankers in the country familiar with your nationality & residency?
  • Are bankers in the country familiar with your country of registration?
  • Can you meet the normal deposit requirements for the country?
  • What client types does this country generally seek to attract for offshore banking?
  • Will the reputation of the country negatively affect your transactions?
  • How does the offshore bank make money from its clients?

These are just a few of the questions that we suggest considering before deciding where you want to open an offshore bank account. 

Not surprisingly, there are more specific questions that you should consider depending on the type of offshore account you want to open. We dive into these questions for personal, business, private, and European offshore accounts in the content hubs shared above. 

But if you’re ready to start opening offshore accounts with banks that actually match your banking needs and client profile, you can get started with GlobalBanks IQ right now.

In GlobalBanks IQ you’ll get access to step-by-step account opening instructions, proven tools for overcoming account opening challenges, and guidance from our team to help you successfully open accounts with the best banks for you.


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  • Plus much more!

Looking for a different type of account? 
We can help you make informed decisions about personal, business, & private banking across Europe, Asia, and the United States. Click here to learn more.

Where to Open Offshore Accounts

One of the most important factors when opening an offshore bank account is choosing where you want to open one. This can be difficult because much of the information online is inaccurate, outdated, and conflicting.

So, to help you navigate your options, we’ve put together detailed country guides that cover the most important account opening considerations for some of the most popular offshore banking jurisdictions in the world.

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Offshore Country Guides

Free Resources

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Below you’ll find our archive of free resources to assist with account opening. 

This includes detailed articles to help you open offshore bank accounts in top banking hubs and free guides explaining how to navigate offshore challenges for specific client types.

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