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Below you’ll find reviews of our products and services from current and past customers, broken down by client profile. We have also included information about where most reviews are sourced and why we do not actively solicit reviews from our customers.

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GlobalBanks Reviews:

The following reviews have been organized into specific client profiles to help you find the one that best matches your situation.

Long’s GlobalBanks Review

GlobalBanks Customer Review Long


What type of account did you want to open?

Personal account

Where did you want to open a bank account?

Anywhere globally, with preference in US and EU

How has GlobalBanks helped you?

GlobalBanks very thoroughly reviewed my specific situation, then came up with the best options for me, and made the necessary introductions for me at the right banks. The end result is that GlobalBanks helped to do quite the impossible: open international bank accounts remotely, given my difficult profile (citizenship/residency/travel situation).

What challenges were you facing before joining GlobalBanks?

Two of my international bank accounts in Singapore were closed (without any clear reason at all!) and that made it impossible for me to do my work. I couldn’t travel because of covid restrictions, so opening an account online was my only choice. I tried to reach out to other banks/people/anyone who could have helped, and nothing worked at all. Its been getting increasingly hard to open bank accounts internationally in general, and covid-19 restrictions made everything 10 times more difficult. I was truly in despair.

Then I found GlobalBanks (through online research), decided to give it a try, and they made the impossible happen: I was able to remotely open 2 bank accounts successfully.

Did you consider any other services before joining GlobalBanks? If so, what made you decide to join GlobalBanks instead?

Via my online research, GlobalBanks appeared to be the most professional and most capable, so GlobalBanks was my very first choice.

What is one piece of advice you would give other individuals considering joining GlobalBanks?

If you are struggling with opening bank accounts either personal or corporate, either remotely or in person, in any country, I think GlobalBanks can really make a difference for you. GlobalBanks has the reach, the connections, the experience, and the expertise to do it. My case was extremely difficult and they still made it happen. Please do give it a try.

Henry’s GlobalBanks Review

GlobalBanks Customer Review Henry


What type of account did you want to open?

Business account

Where did you want to open a bank account for your business?

European Union

How has GlobalBanks helped your business?

Thanks to the support of the GlobalBanks team, we successfully opened our business bank account in Spain.

What challenges were you facing before joining GlobalBanks?

Our business is registered in Australia and we needed a bank account in Europe to benefit from real-time gross settlement (RTGS) for our Euro transactions.

Opening a bank account in a different jurisdiction is not straightforward and banks easily decline applications.

There are also many banks to choose from. The right expert insights can assist with saving a considerable amount of time.

Did you consider any other services before joining GlobalBanks? If so, what made you decide to join GlobalBanks instead?

We didn’t go to any other service provider. Trust is the most important part of the puzzle and it is not easy to establish.

We decided to join GlobalBanks to use their online resources first. We found the information useful. Subsequently, we asked for suggestions and a bank introduction for our specific case. This led us to open a bank account with a reputable bank in our desired jurisdiction.

What is one piece of advice you would give other individuals considering joining GlobalBanks?

GlobalBanks is a genuine, reliable, and trustworthy business. If you are needing help with opening a bank account, they can provide you with valuable support.

Other GlobalBanks Reviews

GlobalBanks Customer Reviews Others

James’s GlobalBanks Review

Profile: Australian & Malta Resident

Desired Account: Personal Bank Account

Review: “If you need assistance opening an offshore bank account for yourself, or a company, I definitely recommend considering GlobalBanks. I had several complicated questions about bank accounts spanning several different countries, and the team provided in-depth and detailed suggestions on what I needed to do, with a level of consideration beyond what I expected.

They have an amazing overview of the up-to-date situation opening bank accounts worldwide, and knowing in advance what you need to do for the different banks can be the difference between success and failure.”

Nathan’s GlobalBanks Review

Profile: Canadian & Panama Resident

Desired Account: Personal Bank Account

Review: “When I started looking at banks I knew I wanted an account in a safe country with low fees. But that was proving tough. I’m a PT and most banks want nothing to do with me and I kept getting turned away without any reason as to why.

I signed up to GlobalBanks and used their reports to find banks that would be open to me. I also got insights on how to stop red-flagging myself.

This team knows what they’re talking about and has saved me a lot of stress. I finally have bank accounts, including backup accounts, and don’t feel any stress over my banking anymore.”​

Frederic’s GlobalBanks Review

Profile: BVI Offshore Company

Desired Account: Business Bank Account

Review: “I came to GlobalBanks because I couldn’t open a bank account for my new BVI company. I probably would have closed the company but I already signed contracts between this company and clients and didn’t want to look like I didn’t know what I was doing.

They helped me find banks that accepted BVI consulting companies. So I can now send and receive payments without a problem. And I was even able to get a debit and a credit card.

I’m confident that I wouldn’t have done this on my own. It’s thanks to GlobalBanks that my business actually has a bank account and I can focus my attention on servicing my clients instead.”​

Where Do People Get Reviews About GlobalBanks?

GlobalBanks primarily relies on word-of-mouth referrals. This includes referrals from existing customers who have had positive experiences with our products and services. It also includes bankers who recommend our services to individuals and business owners that they cannot serve due to internal policy restrictions. And it includes professionals who do not provide international account opening services to their clients.

Why Doesn’t GlobalBanks Solicit Reviews?

Banking is (and should be) a very private matter. For this reason, we do not ask our members to review our services or speak about their account opening successes. We do, however, share testimonials from members when they submit them to us directly.

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