Capital Controls

Gold Prohibition & Capital Controls – Can It Happen Again?

us gold coins

Imagine waking up on Sunday morning and finding out that a particular financial asset is now illegal to own… a prohibition on gold. You, as a private citizen, can no longer own gold coins, bullion, or gold certificates. Don’t worry…

COVID-19 Banking Q&A: Your Questions Answered

Covid 19 Banking feature image

Last week, we asked GlobalBanks subscribers if they had any questions about banking during the COVID-19 outbreak. As it turns out, the current crisis and the resulting economic impact have people worried about banking. Very worried. As you’ll see below,…

Banking in Lebanon: A Cautionary Tale


Banking in Lebanon used to be seen as a status symbol. It was home to solid banks with good reputations that offered customers stability (and banking secrecy) in a shaky part of the world. But banking in Lebanon is changing.…

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