Why Do People Have Offshore Accounts in Panama?

People have offshore accounts in Panama because compared to other countries, it’s an affordable banking jurisdiction with access to the US Dollar.

If you’re wondering why people have offshore accounts in Panama, this is an important article to read.

We’re going to uncover the many reasons why people hold non-domestic accounts, including offshore bank accounts in Panama, the benefits these people can unlock when banking here, and how you can get started opening accounts offshore in Panama today.

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Table of Contents

  1. Why Do People Have Offshore Accounts in Panama?
  2. What Are the Benefits of Offshore Banking in Panama?
  3. How to Open an Offshore Account in Panama?
  4. Frequently Asked Panama Banking Questions
  5. Do You Want to Open a Panama Bank Account?

Why Do People Have Offshore Accounts in Panama?

People have offshore accounts in Panama because it’s an affordable banking jurisdiction. People looking to open dollar-denominated accounts or multicurrency accounts with low deposit requirements often look to Panama as an offshore banking option.

Some people simply choose to have an offshore account in Panama because they struggle to open elsewhere offshore due to strict account opening processes, high deposit requirements, or unreasonable account fees.

Banking in Panama is accessible to both residents and non-residents, including individuals and entities. Opening accounts in Panama can provide asset diversification and a range of financial services to the right client profiles.

In fact, for the right person, opening offshore accounts in Panama can offer unique benefits. We share these benefits and how to start opening accounts in Panama as a foreign non-resident below.

What Are the Benefits of Offshore Banking in Panama?

The benefits international financial institutions in Panama offer depend on whether or not Panama is ultimately a good offshore banking option for you and your banking needs. More specifically, the bank you choose to open an account with, the type of account you open, and your banking objectives.

Panama is compliant with international banking standards, including KYC and AML regulations. The country’s commitment to following these regulations is just one reason individuals and businesses seek offshore banking in Panama.

Here is a look at the six key benefits most applicants can unlock when opening offshore accounts in Panama.

Benefits of Opening an Offshore Bank Account in Panama

  1. Open accounts 100% remotely
  2. Hold multicurrency accounts
  3. Have access to well-managed banks
  4. Open bank accounts in USD
  5. Have access to English-speaking staff
  6. Hold relatively low account balances

Panama is a popular banking jurisdiction for individuals and businesses in need of a stable, safe, and reliable banking option. Knowing how to successfully open offshore accounts in Panama is critical to unlocking these benefits.

How to Open an Offshore Account in Panama?

To open an offshore account in Panama, applicants will need to first select a suitable bank that not only accepts their client profile, but that aligns with their banking needs. They will then need to complete the application process, by submitting the required documents, including proof of identification, proof of address, proof of income, and any required reference letters.

Depending on the bank and the type of account, additional documents may be required.

Most applicants will need to be able and willing to make a qualifying deposit in the range of USD 10,000 and USD 250,000 to successfully open an offshore account in Panama.

The entire account opening process can be completed 100% online. That said, not all banks in Panam offer remote account opening, and of the banks that do, not all accept foreign non-residents.

Bank selection will be an important factor to consider when choosing where to open an offshore account in Panama.

If you are interested in offshore banking options in Panama further, don’t forget to visit our comprehensive guide on Banking in Panama, available in the link above.

Alternatively, if you would like to explore all of your offshore banking options, download our free guide and compare Panama to some of the top banking jurisdictions available.

Do You Want to Explore All Your Offshore Banking Options?

Frequently Asked Panama Banking Questions

Below are a few of the most common questions we receive from people exploring why people have offshore accounts in Panama. If you have further questions you would like answered, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

Why Do People Open Bank Accounts in Panama?

People open bank accounts in Panama for different reasons, including diverse financial advantages. Banking in Panama can offshore banking solutions to individuals facilitating international transactions, looking for asset diversification, wanting to bank in USD, or wanting to bank in a more stable banking jurisdiction than their home country.

Is Panama Good for Offshore Banking?

Yes, Panama is good for offshore banking, offering attractive benefits for individuals and entities seeking banking services outside of their home country. Panama’s offshore banking sector has a range of account options, including personal and business accounts, multi-currency accounts, and even private bank accounts.

Why Do Rich People Use Offshore Accounts?

Rich people use offshore accounts for strategic financial management. More specifically, asset protection, tax optimization, asset diversification, international investing, and more. Opening offshore accounts as a high-net-worth individual can serve as a banking tool to enhance financial flexibility and your overall wealth strategy.

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