Is Panama Good for Offshore Banking? [Panama Banks]

Yes, Panama is good for offshore banking as long as you choose the right banks, hold reasonable deposits, and have a suitable client profile.

If you’re wondering whether or not Panama is good for offshore banking, this is an important article to read.

We’re going to uncover what you should know before opening an offshore bank account in Panama and unlocking overseas financial services, including the benefits and risks of banking here, and answer frequently asked questions on offshore banking in Panama.

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Table of Contents

  1. Is Panama Good for Offshore Banking?
  2. What Are the Benefits of Offshore Banking in Panama?
  3. What Are the Risks of Offshore Banking in Panama?
  4. Frequently Asked Panama Banking Questions
  5. Do You Want to Open a Panama Bank Account?

Is Panama Good for Offshore Banking?

Yes, Panama is good for offshore banking as long as you choose the right banks and bankers, and hold reasonable deposits that match your risk tolerance.

Panama is a popular banking destination for offshore banking. The country offers attractive benefits for individuals and entities seeking banking services outside of their home country.

Panama’s banking sector has a wide variety of account options and financial services, including personal and business accounts, multicurrency accounts, and even private bank accounts. Most applicants can open these accounts 100% remotely.

Banking in Panama however, is not for everyone. Banking here, like banking anywhere offshore, can have its risks. Understanding your client profile, risk tolerance, and banking needs is important to determine whether or not Panama is a good choice for you for offshore banking.

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What Are the Benefits of Offshore Banking in Panama?

Offshore banking in Panama has its benefits. Both non-resident individuals and foreign entities can benefit from multicurrency accounts, remote account opening, reasonable deposit requirements, diverse financial services, and so much more.

Account accessibility of offshore banking in Panama is another notable advantage, allowing for a seamless account opening process. This of course depends on the bank you choose to open with and how you approach the opening process, but generally, account opening in Panama is often straightforward.

There are many reasons why non-residents hold accounts overseas and specifically choose to have offshore accounts in Panama. That said, the benefits available to you specifically will depend on the bank you choose to open an account with, the type of account you want to open, your deposit level, and your banking needs.

Generally speaking, there are eight different benefits most applicants can tap into when opening an offshore bank account in Panama.

  1. Hold multicurrency accounts
  2. Open accounts remotely
  3. Access online account management
  4. Open bank accounts in USD
  5. Hold relatively low account balances
  6. Have access to English-speaking staff
  7. Hold accounts in a dollarized economy
  8. Have access to well-managed banks

There are several benefits to opening cross-border accounts, whether it’s personal or business offshore accounts in Panama. But determining whether or not it’s the right option for you will depend on if the risks outweigh the benefits. We explain some of the banking risks and how they can impact you when banking offshore in Panama in the next section below.

What Are the Risks of Offshore Banking in Panama?

Offshore banking in Panama, while it does offer numerous advantages, can be potentially risky.

One main concern of banking offshore in Panama, especially as a non-resident, is its reputation. Ever since the Panama Papers (2016), the country has been a constant target for international regulators, impacting the stability of financial institutions in the country.

Many of the complaints raised by regulatory bodies center around reporting, activities carried out by the legal profession, and tax evasion, and have little to do with banking.

This however has caused concern for non-residents seeking offshore bank accounts in Panama. Mainly due to the reason Panama is listed on the following three most impactful blacklists.

  1. The FATF Greylist
  2. The EU Blacklist
  3. The UK Blacklist

Panama is on the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) list of jurisdictions under increased monitoring. It is on the European Union’s list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes. And it is on the United Kingdom’s list of high-risk third countries for AML purposes.

Panama being on these blacklists can impact the way you bank in the country. More specifically, if you plan on sending transactions to and from Panama to any countries that actively observe these lists, you may be faced with additional document and due diligence requirements.

Before deciding whether or not Panama is a suitable banking jurisdiction for you, it’s important to consider these risks in addition to the country’s banking regulations.

Failing to adhere to Panama’s banking regulations, such as AML and tax reporting requirements, can lead to legal complications, both in Panama and in your home country.

Frequently Asked Panama Banking Questions

Below are a few of the most common questions we receive from people exploring whether or not Panama is good for offshore banking. If you have further questions you would like answered, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

Is Panama Safe for Banking?

Yes, Panama is safe for banking. Panama’s banking system adheres to banking regulations and is considered a safe and stable banking jurisdiction. It’s important to choose the right banks, bankers, and maintain reasonable deposits that match your risk tolerance.

Can an American Open a Bank Account in Panama?

Yes, an American can open a bank account in Panama. In fact, an American can open both personal and business bank accounts in Panama 100% remotely. The account opening process does require standard Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, submission of proper documentation, and making a qualifying deposit.

Where Is the Best Offshore Bank Account in the World?

Determining the best offshore bank account in the world depends on the person applying for the account. More specifically, their citizenship, residency, deposit level, and banking objectives. Panama does stand out as a leading banking destination and can be a suitable option for many different client profiles.

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