How Long Are Money Orders Good For? [US Money Orders]

Important: How Long Are Money Orders Good For?

If you are looking for information regarding a money order, you will need to contact the issuer directly and speak with their team. GlobalBanks does not issue money orders, and cannot directly assist you with confirming the status of your money order.

GlobalBanks helps foreign and non-resident clients access accounts such as opening US bank accounts for foreigners and business banking for foreign companies. We also help readers by answering common questions, including helping you determine how long money orders are good for.

In this article, we share the exact process you can use to find out how long your money order is good for.

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Table of Contents

  1. How Long Are Money Orders Good For?
  2. Money Orders vs Personal Checks
  3. Will Money Orders Expire?
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Ready to Explore Your Options?

How Long Are Money Orders Good For?

Money orders continue to be good until they are cashed by the recipient. While certain companies may charge a carrying fee for uncashed money orders after several years, generally they do not expire.

That said, it is best to cash a money order near the time of issue. This ensures that any problems can be swiftly resolved.

Also, while there may be differences between companies issuing money orders, such as whether they accept debit or credit cards, most money orders from all companies do not expire after they are bought and paid for.

Of course, where and how you track your money order (e.g. MoneyGram reference numbers) will vary from one company to the next. So, you should consider these variables before acquiring a money order, if they are important to you.

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Money Orders vs Personal Checks

The main difference between money orders and personal checks is that a money order is paid for in cash at the time of issue while a personal check draws against a bank account at the time of deposit. In other words, money orders are similar to cash while personal checks are a future debit.

Will Money Orders Expire?

Money orders will not expire, generally. However, companies like MoneyGram and Western Union may charge a carrying cost against the value of the money order if it is not cashed within a specific time frame. In most cases, this time frame is several years from the date that it was first issued.

How Long Is My Money Order Good For?

Your money order is good until you cash it. In other words, the length of time it takes you to cash a money order does not impact the validity of the transfer. However, certain companies (e.g. Money Gram and Western Union) may charge carrying fees on uncashed money orders after several years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are three of the most common questions that we receive from people looking into how long are money orders good for. If you have further questions you would like answered, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

Does a Money Order Have an Expiration Date?

No, a money order does not usually have an expiration date. Instead, they may have dates related to when the issuing company (e.g. MoneyGram or Western Union) will start to charge fees for carrying an uncashed money order. That said, this time frame is usually after several years.

Can I Cash a Money Order From 2 Years Ago?

Yes, you can cash a money order from 2 years ago if it has not yet been cashed. In fact, in general, money orders do not expire. That said, certain companies, may charge fees for carrying the balance of the money order after a certain amount of time, usually several years.

What Happens if a Money Order is Not Cashed?

If a money order is not cashed, a few things can happen. First, the original sender can request a refund of the money order, by presenting the necessary supporting documentation. Second, the money order provider (e.g. MoneyGram or Western Union) may charge fees for carrying the money order without it being cashed.

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