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How to Find & Open International Bank Accounts

How to Find & Open International Bank Accounts

🌏 +250 Banks from +50 Countries

💡 Banks for Foreign Non-Residents

🏝️ Banks for Offshore Companies

☎️ Remote Account Opening Options

📍 Step-by-Step Opening Instructions

🌏 +250 Banks from +50 Countries

💡 Banks for Non-Residents

🏝️ Banks for Offshore Companies

☎️ Remote Opening Options

📍 Step-by-Step Client Instructions

GlobalBanks IQ does not include the USA. For US banking see ‘GlobalBanks USA‘.

Are You Ready to Open Accounts?

GlobalBanks IQ is our international banking platform that helps non-residents, foreigners, and businesses finally open the bank accounts they need in top banking hubs around the world. 

When you join GlobalBanks IQ, you’ll unlock our database of 250+ banks in over 50 countries.

See which banks will accept you or your business in real-time.

Access real account opening requirements (confirmed by our team). 

Find banks that actually want you (or your business) as a customer.

Bottom line:

GlobalBanks IQ arms you with actionable intelligence, tools, and strategies to make informed decisions on where to bank, how to apply, how to avoid rejection, how to solve your biggest account opening challenges, and (most importantly) how to finally open accounts!

We do this for all client types; non-residents and foreigners, offshore and high-risk businesses, and many more.

You’ll also unlock our most coveted banking secrets in our banking intelligence reports — tried and tested by our team over the last 10 years — used every day by GlobalBanks members to successfully open accounts around the world.

GlobalBanks IQ is your chance to finally find and open the accounts you need by using expert insights from the leading source for international banking available anywhere.

You can get started right now, or you can continue reading below to see everything your GlobalBanks IQ Membership includes.

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Here's Everything You Get When You Become a GlobalBanks IQ Member...

GlobalBanks Database
GlobalBanks Country Reports

Each country intelligence report includes...

GlobalBanks Client Reports

Each of client intelligence report includes...

The Banking Solution You've Been Waiting for Is Here...

Join GlobalBanks IQ today and start opening the international bank accounts that you need for yourself, your business, or both!

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Why Choose GlobalBanks IQ?

GlobalBanks IQ gives you access to the intel you need to find and open international bank accounts for you and your business. 

Use our premium reports, actionable account opening strategies, and bank database to identify the best banks for your situation and open accounts faster — without headaches, hidden fees, or unnecessary service providers and middlemen!

Whether you’re a non-resident looking to open a personal account or a business owner trying to receive payments from customers, or anything in between… 

GlobalBanks IQ is where to start your international banking journey to determine which banks will actually open accounts for you or your business.

Here’s a look at how GlobalBanks IQ compares to the competition…

GlobalBanks IQ

Other Service Providers

Plus... We're 100% Independent!

In other words, we don’t accept any form of payment from banks, financial institutions, intermediaries, or anyone else. Ever.

So, the banks that we list in our premium reports and inside the GlobalBanks Database are carefully and specifically chosen because they offer real value to our members.

And, in the world of international banking, that’s a big deal… 

Most service providers “shop” their clients around to a handful of banks that pay them referral fees. There is no concern as to whether that bank is actually the “right” choice for the client or not. The sad truth is, service providers send clients to the banks that are most profitable for their business, not best for the client.

We take a different approach. We’re solely focused on making sure you find and open bank accounts that are best for you!

So you can feel confident in the information we’re sharing and the banks that we highlight in the GlobalBanks IQ platform!

International Account Opening Used to Be Opaque and Only Accessible to the Super Rich... Not Anymore.

GlobalBanks is shaking up the international banking space, leveling the playing field, and making it available to anyone who wants to unlock the benefits of international banking…

… and GlobalBanks IQ is the first step towards unlocking the international banking world!

If you’re interested in opening international accounts for yourself or your business, you can get started in less than 3-minutes by joining GlobalBanks IQ right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for more clarity before joining GlobalBanks IQ or have questions about how GlobalBanks IQ works, this section is for you. 

Below, our team has pulled together the most frequently asked questions about GlobalBanks IQ. 

Will this help me open bank accounts remotely?

Yes! While most international banks still require an in person visit to open accounts, the GlobalBanks team shares a wide range of banks in our reports and database that allow you to open accounts remotely. 

I have a business. Will this help me open accounts?

Yes! Similar to personal accounts, our team has worked to identify the best business banking options in top jurisdictions around the world — accounts can typically be opened 100% remotely and options exist to match any deposit level and service requirement!

Will this help me open accounts in multiple countries?

Yes! GlobalBanks IQ gives you access to our latest banking intelligence, account opening strategies, and special hacks covering top banking hubs around the world — with new reports (and banks) added monthly, you’ll be sure to find multiple countries for account opening.

Does GlobalBanks IQ include introductions to bankers?

No. Direct introductions to bankers requires a personalized service that is only available to members of our flagship service, GlobalBanks Insider. 

If you’re looking for a more personalized solution with 1-on-1 support, check out GlobalBanks Insider by clicking here.

Is what you share safe and legal?

Yes, 100%! 

While it is becoming increasingly difficult to open international bank accounts as a foreigner, non-resident, or for a foreign business, it is 100% legal and safe to do so. We share strategies, specific banks, special considerations, and lesser-known opportunities for individuals and businesses to successfully navigate the international banking world and open accounts.

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GlobalBanks Is Already Helping People From Around the World Open Personal and Business Accounts...

The Question Is, Are You Next?

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