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Are You Tired of Being Turned Away By Banks?

Most People Struggle to Open Accounts Because They...

In fact, if you’ve failed at opening bank accounts, it’s probably for one of these reasons.
… that’s the hard truth that most people need to hear.
But there’s good news too:

So, whether you need personal, business, or private bank accounts, there’s a clear path to start opening accounts today.

In case you’re new here…
We’ve been helping people open international bank accounts for over a decade.
We’ve seen every client profile, every risk level, and every country of citizenship and residency imaginable.
But we can only accept a limited number of people into our one-on-one account opening services each year.
So, we decided to do something different to help as many people as possible…
We made all our account opening expertise, banking knowledge, and hundreds of proven international banks available to everyone.
Here’s the best part:
When you join, you unlock our team’s entire knowledge base for a tiny fraction of what you’d normally pay for our help.
But the crazy thing is, you’re still going to get our help too!!!
Here’s what you unlock when you join GlobalBanks IQ:

As you can see, GlobalBanks IQ includes everything you need to start opening bank accounts. 
And, if you ever need help opening accounts... 
You can ask our team of experts which banks to apply to, which countries to consider, which solutions to use, and so much more.
We share everything you receive in GlobalBanks IQ below.
But, you can also unlock access to GlobalBanks IQ right now.
Accept your invitation and join the number one bank account opening platform available:

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You get immediate access to detailed step-by-step instructions for account opening, our advanced country specific banking reports, the GlobalBanks Database, and word-for-word Banker Scripts. All carefully crafted to ensure that you can successfully open the bank accounts you want.

You Get Immediate Access To

You're Also Going to Unlock

☎️ Remote Account Opening Options

🗺️ For Foreigners & Non-Residents

💡 Bank Accounts for Individuals

🏝️ Bank Accounts for Companies

🌏 +250 Banks from +50 Countries

📍 Your Step-by-Step Opening Solution

Want to Hear From Our Members?

Why GlobalBanks is the Most Trusted Source in International Banking

James D.

🇦🇺 Australian Citizen

🇲🇹 Malta Resident

“I had several complicated questions about bank accounts spanning several different countries, and the team provided in-depth and detailed suggestions on what I needed to do, with a level of consideration beyond what I expected.”

Nathan M.

🇨🇦 Canadian Citizen

🇵🇦 Panama Resident

“I signed up to GlobalBanks and used their reports to find banks… I also got insights on how to stop red-flagging myself. This team knows what they’re talking about… I finally have bank accounts, including backup accounts”​

Fred R.

🇨🇭Swiss Citizen

🏢 African Business

GlobalBanks helped me efficiently target the relevant bank that would open a corporate account for my company… They helped me understand what to do and what not to do to successfully open a bank account outside my country of residence.

Marc N.

🇩🇪 German Citizen

🇵🇾 Paraguay Resident

“GlobalBanks has indeed helped me… I am not a resident and I do not have a local tax number… If you join GlobalBanks, you make sure this will be stress and hassle-free… to be on the safe side, it was well worth the fee.”

Henry D.

🇦🇺 Australian Citizen

🏢 Australian Business

Our business is registered in Australia and we needed a bank account in Europe … thanks to the support of the GlobalBanks team, we successfully opened our business bank account in Spain entirely remote.”

Long H.

🇻🇳 Vietnamese Citizen

🇻🇳 Vietnam Resident

“GlobalBanks helped to do quite the impossible: open international bank accounts remotely given my difficult citizenship, residency, and travel situation … I was able to remotely open two bank accounts successfully”

Pete O.

🇦🇺 Australian Citizen

🇹🇭 Thailand Resident

“I’m a digital nomad with complex financials across my company and personal life. GlobalBanks helped me find a bank with remote opening, good fees, and ticked all my boxes in terms of crypto.”

Jane D.

🇨🇳 Chinese Citizen

🇨🇳 Chinese Resident

“GlobalBanks suggestions are always sensible and tailored perfectly to my circumstances. It is a welcome relief to be dealing with competent people in banking who know how to get things done and avoid pitfalls.”

Frederic M.

🇩🇪 German Citizen

🇵🇹 Portugal Resident

“I came to GlobalBanks because I couldn’t open an account for my new BVI company. They helped me find banks that accepted BVI consulting firms. It’s thanks to GlobalBanks that my company actually has a bank account…”

Why Is GlobalBanks IQ So Powerful?

(The Answer Is Simple)

It Doesn't Look At One Bank!

It Doesn't Just Look At ONE Bank!

It Looks At ALL The Banks!

GlobalBanks IQ covers every banking jurisdiction in the world that caters to foreigners, non-residents, and international clients.

It also includes detailed bank profiles, account opening requirements, important nuances, and account opening loopholes at top banks in each country. 

But, it goes a lot further… 

When you join, you receive the step-by-step process to open accounts, the word-for-word conversations you’ll have with bankers, and much more.

That’s why our members are able to consistently open the bank accounts they need!

It's Also, Why We Know
It Will Work for You!

Here's How You Can Get Started...

GlobalBanks IQ

GlobalBanks IQ gives you access to a complete end-to-end account opening solution, everything you need to start applying for accounts in less than 24-hours.

In other words, GlobalBanks IQ gives you access to… 

GlobalBanks IQ Stack

Now, GlobalBanks IQ has been set up in a way that everyone can use it…

… from first time account openers to seasoned international business owners.

But, more importantly:

We’re constantly updating the reports, strategies, bank database, and individual bank details that you get access to as a member of GlobalBanks IQ.

So, you are always getting the best possible strategies to open (and keep open) the bank accounts you need.

Here's Everything You Get When You Join GlobalBanks IQ

Personal & Business Banking 101

We’ve packaged everything we know about account opening into two of the most actionable reports we’ve ever created.

These reports are designed so any one (including first time account openers) can quickly follow the steps and open accounts. 

GlobalBanks IQ Personal and Business Courses

We’ve packaged everything we know about account opening into two of the most actionable reports we’ve ever created.

These reports are designed so any one (including first time account openers) can quickly follow the steps and open accounts. 

Here’s what you’ll receive in these two courses:

With these two courses, anyone can… 

Advanced Banking Reports

You can find banks that match you and your requirements in less than 10 minutes by unlocking the exact tools that our other members use.

First, there’s our Library of Advanced Reports.

And Second, there’s the GlobalBanks Database.

Each Advanced Report digs deep into some of the most sought after banking hubs and the most challenging client profiles… from digital nomads to crypto investors, and from Andorra to Singapore. 

GlobalBanks IQ Advanced Reports

With each Advanced Report, you will access…

In other words, our team of experts has taken a deep dive into some of the most pressing banking topics…

Breaking out the opportunities, challenges, and sharing the specific banks that you can benefit from.

GlobalBanks IQ Country Reports
GlobalBanks IQ Client Reports

In each Advanced Report, we also give you the step-by-step process to unlock these opportunities for you or your business.

In doing so, these reports will help you… 

Access banks that most people think are 100% impossible to open accounts with

Maximize the benefits that you receive from your banking relationships, and 

Prevent your accounts from being frozen or closed down.

GlobalBanks Database

As mentioned, you also get access to the GlobalBanks Database. 

GlobalBanks IQ Bank Database

The GlobalBanks Database is the foundation of our account opening process…

So, choosing the best country and bank that will accept you (or your business) is possible in less than 10 minutes and in just a few clicks.

Banking Scripts

We decided in order to solve this problem that we needed to break down the word-for-word questions that bankers are going to ask you.

And, go through the common responses that applicants provide.

To do this, our team published an entire series of super actionable content called

GlobalBanks IQ Banking Script

When you take advantage of this special offer, you’re going to receive access to all of our Banking Scripts. 

Each Banking Script includes the word-for-word explanations of exactly what bankers are asking when you call them, email them, or they request supporting documentation. 

From answering questions like:

And we go even further and giving you the exact process for…

Simply put…

Banking Scripts take the guesswork out of account opening communication, document requests, and just generally dealing with bankers.

Plus: You Also get access to...

GlobalBanks IQ Monthly Q&A

So, if you EVER have a question that isn’t covered in any of the resources outlined above…


If you EVER have an account opening situation that you want our team to weigh in on…


If you EVER have a question and you just don’t know where to find the answer

Ask Our Team Directly In The Monthly (Members Only) GlobalBanks IQ Q&A!

So, there will never be a situation where you’re unable to move forward, find banks that match your profile, or not be able to open accounts!

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GlobalBanks IQ Stack
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$97/Month. Cancel anytime, Guaranteed.

GlobalBanks IQ Payment Options

We want to address a few common questions we receive:

Will this help me open bank accounts remotely?

Yes! While most international banks still require an in person visit to open accounts, the GlobalBanks team shares a wide range of banks in our reports and database that allow you to open accounts remotely. 

You might be thinking this won’t work for you because you're a digital nomad, right?

Well, we have an Advanced Report that outlines the specific challenges, account opening options, banking hubs, and even banks, that are best suited to digital nomads.

You might be thinking this won’t work for you because you have a high-risk business, right?

Well, we also have an Advanced Report just for high-risk business owners, it outlines account opening strategies, specific banks, countries, and even the best ways to overcome and reduce the risks associated with your business activities.

Maybe you need a bank account for a UK LLP or UK LTD, and you’re worried you won’t find one, right?

Well, we have a dedicated Advanced Report that shares the exact process for navigating account opening for both non-residents UK LLPs and UK LTDs for foreign non-resident owners.

Maybe you’re thinking it won’t work for you because you’re a crypto entrepreneur?

If that’s you, we have the most comprehensive account opening report for crypto entrepreneurs and investors, detailing the process for cashing out in various banking hubs around the world, including the exact strategies, what banks need to see, and of course specific banks to consider.

Maybe you want to bank in the best banking hub in the world (Singapore). But, you’re worried GlobalBanks IQ won't be able to help you, right?

Well, we’ve prepared a Singapore Advanced Banking Report that walks you through the entire account opening process, the available strategies to open accounts remotely, the specific banks you can consider, the minimum deposits, and much more.

You might be thinking this won’t work for you because you have an offshore company, right?

Well, we published an advanced report just for offshore entities, walking you through the specific account opening options, best jurisdictions, limitations and challenges, and of course specific banks that you can consider.

Maybe you’re an expat and you’re worried you won’t be able to open bank accounts, right?

Well, we have a dedicated Advanced Banking Report specifically catering to the needs of expats and how you can meet those needs in a top international banking jurisdiction. This includes specific account opening instructions, banks to choose from, deposit requirements, pros and cons, the challenges you need to overcome, and how to overcome them.

Maybe you want to open offshore bank accounts with a low deposit and you’re worried you won’t be able to find suitable options, right?

Well, we have a report dedicated to this very topic, showing you how to open both personal and business offshore bank accounts in a top banking jurisdiction with only $10,000 US dollars.

Maybe you want european private banking, but you're worried you find options with lower deposits, right?

Well, we have an Advanced Report dedicated to opening European private bank accounts with only a few hundred thousand, giving you the specific banks to consider and the account opening process in a very special European banking hub.

Maybe you want to open in the republic of Georgia, and you’re worried you won’t be able to find remote opening options, right?

Well, we have an Advanced Banking Report dedicated to helping non-residents open bank accounts in Georgia 100% remotely, including specific banks, account opening strategies, tools to overcome challenges, and much more.

Maybe you want to open in the EU, but you’re worried you won’t know which banks to approach, right?

Well, the GlobalBanks Database includes banks from some of the most popular non-resident banking hubs in the European Union, including Portugal, Cyprus, Austria, Latvia, and Bulgaria.

Maybe you want to open a traditional private bank account but you're worried GlobalBanks IQ can't help you, right?

Well, the GlobalBanks Database is home to banks in many traditional private banking hubs, including some of the most popular like Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Austria, and Andorra just to name a few.

Plus, we have a dedicated Advanced Banking report that focuses on private banking in some of the most soght after countries, helping you overcome account opening challenges, specific bank requirements, and much more.

Maybe you want to bank in an offshore banking hub and you’re worried you won’t find banks to accept you, right?

Well, we provide banks in many of the top offshore jurisdictions, including Cayman, Bahamas, Bermuda, Barbados, BVI, Antigua, Saint Lucia, and elsewhere. Including bank that accept clients across a range of deposit levels and cater to a range of client profiles.

Maybe you’re thinking, even if you find the bank you want, you won’t be able to successfully navigate the account opening interview, right?

We give you an entire banking script dedicated to the account opening interview, designed to help you prepare beforehand, know what questions will be asked, and understand the sort of answers bankers are looking for.

Maybe you’re thinking, even if you find the right bank and navigate the interview, the bank will look deny you because of your business' website, right?

Well, we’ve actually created an incredibly detailed Banking Script that outlines exactly how to create the perfect business website for opening bank accounts.

Maybe you’re thinking this is only for retail personal or business banking, right?

We also cover private banking in great detail, including many private banks in the GlobalBanks Database and a specific private banking report that talks about the biggest challenges to opening, how to navigate fees, get the best deal, and which countries to choose based on your objectives.

You might also be thinking that we only cover banking in far flung jurisdictions, right?

Well, the GlobalBanks Database is home to banks in over 50 countries. And, we have dedicated Advanced Reports for some of the most sought after banking hubs in the world, including Singapore, Andorra, Isle of Man, the UK, Panama, Georgia, Mauritius, Cyprus, the United States, and elsewhere.

You might be thinking that we only share options that require really high deposits, right?

Well, the banks that we share cater to a wide range of clients. There are options available to most individuals with deposits as low as $300.

Maybe you have ties to Africa or India and you’re worried you won’t be able to suitable offshore banking options, right?

Well, we have an Advanced Banking Report covering the most popular offshore banking hub for both client profiles. In it, we share the specific banks that do not require introductions, the pros and cons of each, and the steps you can follow to successfully open accounts

Maybe you're worried that during the account opening interview when the banker asks “How much can you deposit?” You won’t know how to respond, right?

Well, we explain the different scenarios about how and why this question is being asked, what you should do if you want to deposit less, and how to avoid getting put in an awkward situation to make sure the account you want gets opened.

Maybe you’ll successfully get to the account opening interview but you’re worried you won’t be able to provide proof of address, right?

We breakdown all of the accepted forms of proof of address, how to obtain them, and different alternatives you can consider in a dedicated Banking Script for meeting proof of address requirements.

Maybe you're wondering if all the information you receive from GlobalBanks is safe and legal?

Yes, 100%! While it is becoming increasingly difficult to open international bank accounts as a foreigner, non-resident, or for a foreign business, it is 100% legal and safe to do so. 

To this end, we share the account opening strategies, specific banks, special considerations, and lesser-known opportunities for both individuals and businesses to successfully navigate the international banking world and open accounts they need.

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