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Who Qualifies for GlobalBanks USA?

GlobalBanks USA helps individuals and businesses from around the world open US bank accounts 100% remotely…

We do this by helping them find the perfect bank and banker for their unique requirements.

Here’s who can open US bank accounts with GlobalBanks USA:

However, there are some restrictions on who can open… 

First of all, individuals and businesses involved in high-risk industries such as gaming, gambling, foreign currency, adult entertainment, precious gems, mineral extraction, and more, will not be able to open accounts with US banks. 

Secondly, individuals and businesses from (or operating in) high-risk (blacklisted) countries will also be unable to open accounts in the US. 

Finally, US banks follow standard compliance and onboarding practices, so if you or your business are restricted from banking elsewhere for any reason, chances are you won’t be able to bank in the US either.

For anyone else, we can help…

What Is GlobalBanks USA?

GlobalBanks USA is a dedicated 1-on-1 service that helps foreign and non-resident individuals and businesses open bank accounts in the United States. 

With GlobalBanks USA, you’ll receive the support you need to finally open accounts with real brick and mortar US banks — in many instances, opening 100% remotely.

The specific banks available to you depend entirely on your client profile, desired services, and deposit level.

Additionally, the banks we work with do not require local managers, directors, or signatories — so the only person that will ever have access to your account is you.

Plus, GlobalBanks USA is the most affordable US bank account opening option available anywhere!

Here’s what you can expect when you join GlobalBanks USA… 

Plus, you’ll also receive access to our GlobalBanks USA platform, including…

Why GlobalBanks is the Most Trusted Source in International Banking

James D.

🇦🇺 Australian Citizen

🇲🇹 Malta Resident

Opened Offshore

“I had several complicated questions about bank accounts spanning several different countries, and the team provided in-depth and detailed suggestions on what I needed to do, with a level of consideration beyond what I expected.”

GlobalBanks Insider

Nathan M.

🇨🇦 Canadian Citizen

🇵🇦 Panama Resident

Opened Offshore

“I signed up to GlobalBanks and used their reports to find banks… I also got insights on how to stop red-flagging myself. This team knows what they’re talking about… I finally have bank accounts, including backup accounts”​

GlobalBanks IQ

Fred R.

🇨🇭Swiss Citizen

🏢 African IT Corp.

Opened US Accounts

GlobalBanks helped me efficiently target the relevant bank that would open a corporate account for my company… They helped me understand what to do and what not to do to successfully open a bank account outside my country of residence.

GlobalBanks Insider

Marc N.

🇩🇪 German Citizen

🇵🇾 Paraguay Resident

Opened US Accounts

“GlobalBanks has indeed helped me… I am not a US resident and I do not have an ITIN nor SSN… If you get the services of GlobalBanks, you make sure this will be stress and hassle-free… to be on the safe side, it was well worth the fee.”

GlobalBanks USA

Henry D.

🇦🇺 Australian Citizen

🏢 Aus. Agri. Importer

Opened EU Accounts

Our business is registered in Australia and we needed a bank account in Europe … thanks to the support of the GlobalBanks team, we successfully opened our business bank account in Spain entirely remote.”

GlobalBanks IQ

Long H.

🇻🇳 Vietnamese Citizen

🇻🇳 Vietnam Resident

Opened US Accounts

“GlobalBanks helped to do quite the impossible: open international bank accounts remotely given my difficult citizenship, residency, and travel situation … I was able to remotely open two bank accounts successfully”

GlobalBanks USA

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Why Choose GlobalBanks USA?

GlobalBanks USA is the only service that gives you real results without any hidden fees, extra steps, or unrealistic expectations.

Here’s a look at how GlobalBanks USA compares to the competition…

GlobalBanks USA

Other Service Providers

What You Receive:

When you join GlobalBanks USA, you’re not only getting the help you need to find and open accounts for you or your business… you’re unlocking the #1 platform for US bank account opening online. 

As a member of GlobalBanks USA, you will have access to our US Banking Reports, our US Bank Database, and of course, the direct support of our team to find and open the accounts you need.

Here’s a look at everything included in the GlobalBanks USA platform…

GlobalBanks USA
GlobalBanks USA
GlobalBanks USA

The US Bank Account Opening Solution You've Been Waiting for Is Only a Few Clicks Away...

Join GlobalBanks USA today and start opening the US bank accounts that you need for yourself, your business, or both!

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Get the support you need to open US bank accounts for you and your business from the global banking experts!

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(Includes Support for 12-Months)


Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re reading this page, you’ve probably already started your search for US banking options. 

So, you probably have a few questions about how GlobalBanks USA works and whether this is the right solution for you or your business to find and open accounts. 

To try and help you answer some of your questions, our team has pulled together a few of  the most frequently asked questions about GlobalBanks USA. 

If you don’t see your question answered below, feel free to hit the “How can we help?” button below and let us know what you’re still wondering!

Can foreign non-residents and foreign businesses open bank accounts in the US remotely?

Yes! Through GlobalBanks USA, foreign non-resident individuals, foreign businesses, and US businesses owned by foreigner non-residents can all open US bank accounts 100% remotely.

Can I open a personal bank account remotely as a foreign non-resident?

Yes! While most US banks require an in person visit to open accounts, the GlobalBanks team has made several remote account options available to foreign non-residents from around the world.

Can I open a US business bank account remotely as a foreign non-resident?

Yes! Similar to personal accounts, our team has worked with several banks to unlock remote account opening options for businesses of varying sizes and turnover. These accounts can be opened 100% remotely and do not require a local signatory!

Do I need a US LLC to open a US bank account?

No! Contrary to what most service providers tell you, it is possible to open a business bank account for foreign and offshore companies. Of course, there are more options available when you have a US LLC, but if you want a bank account for a foreign business it’s entirely possible!

What types of businesses can open a US bank account?

We have US banking options available for business registered in the United States, registered outside of the United States, and even registered in offshore jurisdictions. Of course, the specific options vary and normal account opening scrutiny still applies.

Do I need a US address to apply for a US bank account?

That depends! In most instances, you will need a US address in order to apply for a bank account. But don’t worry, our US banking reports walk you through all of the options and important mistakes to avoid. That said, in some instances, it won’t be required — it just depends on the bank that you choose to apply to.

Do I need an SSN or ITIN to apply for an account?

No! Contrary to what everyone thinks, you do not need a US SSN or ITIN to apply for a US bank account. You will, of course, need to provide a tax ID number from your country of residence. But, this is the same requirement that you’ll face opening an account anywhere in the world.

Can I connect services like Stripe and PayPal to my account?

Yes! Not only can you connect such services to your account, certain banks will help you open payment processing accounts directly. This is possible because GlobalBanks works with a number of different banks — including some of the best business banks in the USA for small to medium sized businesses!

How much do I need to deposit when opening an account?

That entirely depends on the type of account you want to open and the bank you choose to open with. And, as always in banking, there is a very wide range of banking options available. Remote account opening deposits start at US $5,000 and go up to US $200,000.

Is this safe and legal?

Yes, 100%! 

While it is incredibly difficult to open US bank accounts as a foreigner or non-resident, it is 100% legal and safe — especially when you’re working with a team of experts like GlobalBanks to help you navigate the account opening process!

How does the account opening process work?

Great question! 

After you join GlobalBanks USA, our team will ask you to complete a short questionnaire to better understand your client profile and banking objectives. 

Then, we’ll share the US banking options that match your answers, and we’ll make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. 

After you choose which bank you want to open with, our team will get you started with the account opening process — it’s really that easy!

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