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Access the GlobalBanks Reports Below

Find and open bank accounts in the best jurisdictions for you and your business with the Ultimate Account Opening Reports from GlobalBanks

Our team has spent thousands of hours meeting with banks, opening accounts, and collecting first hand banking experiences – we’ve done this in countries all over the world.

The result, is a library of comprehensive banking reports and account opening guides that continues to expand each month. 

Each report offers a list of banks that actually want you as a client, account opening strategies that work for specific countries and client profiles, and important mistakes you need to avoid when applying.

And in addition to these reports, you can also access the GlobalBanks database and bank profiles to help inform your decisions.

Click on any of the reports below to see all of the information available...

Click on any of the reports to get started

Digital Nomad Banking

The Ultimate Guide to Account Opening for Digital Nomads

Panama Offshore Banking

The Ultimate Guide To Offshore Account Opening in Panama

Georgia Non-Resident Banking

The Ultimate Guide To Non-Resident Account Opening in Georgia

Crypto Bank Account Opening

The Ultimate Guide To Opening for Crypto Entrepreneurs & Investors

Singapore Bank Account

The Ultimate Guide To Account Opening for Non-Residents

Mauritius Remote Opening

The Ultimate Guide To Account Opening for Individuals & Business

Access GlobalBanks Intelligence Reports & GlobalBanks Insider


Only $2,752

Plus, there's more inside...

GlobalBanks Insider

When you purchase any of our Banking Guides, you get instant access to GlobalBanks Insider.

GlobalBanks Insider is our private intelligence platform dedicated to helping you open and keep open offshore bank accounts.

In addition to the Banking Intelligence Reports, you get full access to our searchable database and bank profiles from around the world.

Here are just a few ways this will help you…

  • First-hand account opening experiences and real-life case studies from new clients
  • Get actionable account opening intelligence – learn about what works, what doesn’t, which banks and bankers to apply with, and which to avoid
  • Insight into banks’ customer preferences, likes and dislikes, and key areas of sensitivity so your account doesn’t get shut down, frozen, or confiscated
  • Become an Insider and open offshore bank accounts faster and cheaper than anyone else
  • Join like-minded individuals with a shared interest in unlocking the offshore banking world

Any of the benefits listed above would save you much more than the cost of the Singapore Bank Account Opening Guide, not to mention the benefits you get when you become a GlobalBanks Insider.

Take a look for yourself…

Access the GlobalBanks Database of International Banks

Find and compare the best banking solutions for your unique situation through the GlobalBanks database of banks from around the world.


Assess Account Opening Requirements with Detailed Bank Profiles

Every bank we recommend has it's own profile, providing straight talk on what you need to know about banking there, a break down of the risks associated with the bank, and of course the process for opening accounts, account opening requirements, and which client type each bank is best suited for.


Shortlist Top Jurisdictions with Banking Intelligence Reports

Feel confident about your banking jurisdiction GlobalBanks’ detailed intelligence on the best countries for banking around the world. Each report gives you a thorough analysis of the political, economic, and regulatory factors in the country that stand to impact your savings or business there.

We also shed light on banking jurisdictions to avoid, including those jurisdictions that are often incorrectly recommended by “internationalization experts”.


Find & Open Accounts with Client Intelligence Reports

Approach account opening with the right strategy and understanding of your unique client profile. By using the GlobalBanks client intelligence reports we’ll show you the way to find the best accounts for you, the strategies for opening, and the specific banks that desire clients matching your unique profile. All available in the Insider Library.


Creating the #1 Offshore Banking Platform wasn't easy...

  • Took our team 5 years of testing, documenting, interviewing, and monitoring
  • Met with bankers in more than 50 countries
  • Opened hundreds of bank accounts

But this is just the beginning… 

GlobalBanks Insiders receive new reports each month from our team, weekly updates on new account opening strategies, and real-life case studies from people just like you.

In addition to everything outlined above, you will also receive direct personalized support from the GlobalBanks team. 

When you become a GlobalBanks Insider, you can ask questions about specific countries, specific banks, and your specific challenges.

Any of the benefits listed above would save you much more than the cost of your GlobalBanks membership.

How Does GlobalBanks Compare?

Compare GlobalBanks to Other Bank Account Opening Solutions

GlobalBanks charges you a small annual membership fee for access to all of the intelligence and tools outlined above. But how does it compare to other account opening options?

Below, you can see average costs of account opening with traditional bank account introducers and by approaching banks without GlobalBanks. These costs add up, and in both cases, success isn’t guaranteed.

Pay Lawyers
Accountants & Introducers

  • Charge fees for each bank intro
  • Refer clients to same 5-10 banks
  • Not banking experts; limited knowledge
  • Use shady banks & jurisdictions
  • Ignore your banking needs
  • Use banks that don't need intros
  • Account opening not guaranteed

$500 - $1000

For Each Introduction

Open a bank account blind, without GlobalBanks

  • Unsure which banks are best
  • No account opening strategy
  • Waste time with wrong banks
  • Red-flag yourself & your biz
  • Get rejected & don't know why
  • Spend thousands on travel

$1000 - $5000

Lost Time & Money

For the same price that you pay to access our entire banking database, all of our account opening strategies, and reports, you would not receive a single bank introduction or be able to travel anywhere to open an account on your own.

Save your time and your money by using the GlobalBanks platform to inform your account opening, use our proven account opening strategies, and pick banks that fit your needs.

Get Access to GlobalBanks Insider

And the GlobalBanks Banking Reports


Only $2,752

Join GlobalBanks and receive immediate access to the reports listed above as well as the GlobalBanks intelligence platform and all the resources you need to start opening accounts today.

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