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Our team has spent thousands of hours meeting with banks, opening accounts, and collecting first-hand banking experiences – we’ve done this in countries all over the world.

The result, is a library of comprehensive banking reports and account opening guides that continues to expand each month. 

Each report offers a list of banks that actually want you as a client, account opening strategies that work for specific countries and client profiles, and important mistakes you need to avoid when applying.

And in addition to these reports, you can also access the GlobalBanks database and bank profiles to help inform your decisions.

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​​The most comprehensive banking reports available anywhere on-line for key jurisdictions and client profiles, including:​
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GlobalBanks Insider is the most comprehensive international banking platform available, offering account opening support, analyst insights, direct banker contacts, and much more.

And you can unlock the entire platform for a small fraction of the cost that useless bank introducers will charge you to try and open just one bank account.

Here’s what you’re about to get:

GlobalBanks Insider is our Premium Flagship Service. Get account opening strategies, access our GlobalBanking Database, discover secret backdoors into world-class banks, and get real-time analysts support for account opening.

Here’s everything you will discover with GlobalBanks Insider… 

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Here are just a few of the benefits you're about to receive:

When you access the membership area of GlobalBanks through our online platform, you will get immediate access to all the benefits below.

Country Account Opening Reports

Account opening strategies, lists of banks, & direct banker contacts

GlobalBanks Country Intelligence Reports give you access to secret backdoors into world-class offshore banks, access to exclusive high-interest products, and access to under-the-radar account opening hacks.

With these reports you will be able to open accounts in both traditional and up & coming banking hotspots. Which means you’ll never miss time-sensitive opportunities, the chance to open accounts for you or your business, and exclusive offers for GlobalBanks Insiders.

Access these country reports and more right now...

Each of these reports contains...

Client Account Opening Reports

GlobalBanks Insider Subscription

Step-by-step account opening strategies and client friendly banks

GlobalBanks Client Intelligence Reports breakdown specific strategies for different client types to find and open accounts in some of the best banking jurisdictions globally.

Each report includes specific banks, strategies, and hacks to make sure you don’t waste time or money trying to open accounts at banks that will just reject you. Use these reports to find proven banks that actually want your business and get accounts open.

Each of these reports includes...

+ Get Expert Help Opening Accounts

Let our analysts solve your personal AND business banking problems

When you join GlobalBanks Insider, you have the option to fill out an onboarding form that gets sent to our team of banking experts. 

Our top analysts will then review your problems, solve your toughest banking issues, and point you in the direction of the best banks and account opening strategies. 

It’s like having your own team of banking analysts!


GlobalBanks Database With 250+ Banks

Detailed bank profiles, contact information, risks & concerns

Detailed bank profiles, contact information, risks & concerns

Get instant access to exclusive data on 250+ banks, including who should bank there, account opening quirks, customer reviews, financial info, and banker contact details.

GlobalBanks Insider Subscription

Here's how you can start picking the best banks right now...

GlobalBanks Database

GlobalBanks Database

Search 250+ banks by account type, residency status, country, deposit size, and services – giving you instant access to the banks that match your profile.

Bank Profiles

Bank Profiles

Find out if a bank is right for you by accessing details on services, locations, reports & analysis, and risks – save time & money by knowing if it’s a fit before applying.

Account Opening Insights

Account Opening Insights

Get exclusive account opening hacks, analyst insights, customer feedback, and direct contacts – cut down account opening time and requirements instantly.


Access banking related checklists to save you time & money

As a GlobalBanks Insider you’ll get access to our archive of checklists covering everything from account opening for businesses and individuals to filing specific forms with the IRS related to bank account opening. 

These checklists save you time by helping you get organized before applying for accounts. And they save you money by helping you quickly and easily complete tasks yourself–without the help of expensive service providers!

Access our archive of banking checklists as soon as you sign-up...

#6. New Reports Added Monthly

globalbanks insider - new-reports

Get new country, client, & topic specific reports each month

Everything that we’ve outlined above is available inside our GlobalBanks Insider platform right now! You will access all of it as soon as you join!

But, the resources available through your GlobalBanks Insider membership are always growing. And the value you get from GlobalBanks increases each month.

In addition to real-time support, our archive of country and client reports, banking checklists, and our global database of banks, you’ll also get…

#1. New banking intelligence reports each month

#2. New banking checklists each month, and 

#3. New banks added to the global banking database 

Here’s a quick look at some of the upcoming banking intelligence reports that our team is already working on that will be available to GlobalBanks Insiders in the coming months.

#7. Monthly Banking Q&A

Exclusive access only available to GlobalBanks Insiders

When you join GlobalBanks Insider, you join a community of like-minded people from around the world. And one of the most powerful benefits in a community like this is hearing the concerns, questions, and opportunities being discussed by other people just like you. 

To this end, we publish a Monthly Banking Q&A, only available to GlobalBanks Insiders, that highlights key banking trends, opportunities, and account opening hacks that everyone can benefit from!


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