Venmo Transfer Limit: How Much Can You Send?

Venmo transfer limit is based on an individual’s identity verification status. We will discuss this below, including how to verify your account and increase your transfer limits directly within the app.

Please note: If you are a foreigner exploring account options, you may find more flexible arrangements by opening a US bank account for non-residents with brick-and-mortar banks. 

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  1. Venmo Transfer Limit
  2. How Do I Find My Venmo Account Transfer Limit?
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
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Venmo Transfer Limit

Venmo transfer limit is set by identity verification status and monitored on a weekly basis. Individuals with an “unverified” account, can send up to USD 999.99 to their bank account each week. Individuals with a “verified” account, can send up to USD 19,999.99 to their bank account each week. However, there is a maximum transfer limit of USD 5,000 per transaction. 

On the other hand, if you are interested in the Venmo payment limits, these are considerably higher. In certain instances, it is possible to obtain a limit of up to USD 60,000 per week via the Venmo app.

However, if you have not completed the identity verification process, you can only spend USD 299.99 per week on the application.

Additionally, like most digital and online payment platforms Venmo places residency-based restrictions on account holders and applicants, especially non-residents. So, you should seek to understand such restrictions before applying for accounts.

How Do I Find My Venmo Account Transfer Limit?

You can confirm your Venmo account transfer limit by accessing the Venmo payment app and confirming your account status. Account status will determine the specific limits that apply to your account. If your account identity is not yet verified, you can access your account details and select “Identity Verification”.

Importantly, the verification process on Venmo is relatively quick. Within several hours, you will generally receive an additional email that confirms verification or outlines additional documents that you will need to submit to complete the verification process.

As mentioned above, once your identity is verified you will be able to send considerably more money on a weekly basis to your account.

Venmo Weekly Limits

The weekly limits for Venmo range from USD 999.99 to USD 19.999.99, depending on whether your identity is verified with Venmo or not.

Venmo Daily Limits

Venmo does not specify daily limits. Instead, the specific limits are set on a weekly basis and apply to all of the days within the week. In other words, if you reach your weekly limit on the first day of the week, you will not be able to transfer money for the rest of the week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are four of the most common questions we receive from people looking into the Venmo transfer limit. If you have further questions you would like to ask our team, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What Is the Venmo Daily Limit to Send Money?

Venmo does not have a daily limit to send money. Instead, Venmo applies weekly limits on transfers, which means if you meet the weekly limit on the first day of the week, you will no longer be able to send transfers for the rest of the time.

Can You Send $5,000 Through Venmo?

Yes, you can send $5,000 through Venmo. In fact, $5,000 is the maximum amount that Venmo allows users to send in a single transaction. Transactions above $5,000 therefore need to be subdivided into a payment plan and then sent accordingly.

Why Does My Venmo Have Transfer Limits?

Your Venmo account has transfer limits because all Venmo accounts have transfer limits. That said, certain transfer limits are considerably higher than others. For example, while a regular unverified user can transfer up to USD 999.99 per week, verified accounts can transfer up to USD 19,999.99 per week.

How Do I Increase My Venmo Transfer Limit?

You can increase your Venmo transfer limit by verifying your identity through the application. To verify your identity you will need to start by accessing the Venmo payment app accessing your account details and selecting “Identity Verification”.

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