US Credit Cards for Foreigners: Get the Best Cards in 2020

If you’re wondering what are the best US credit cards for foreigners, you came to the right place. But first, a question… Would you like to be given six international round trips every year for free? Yes, of course, you would… anyone would.

But if you’re not an American, you might be wondering “how is that even possible?”

You see, some of the easiest to access perks of the US financial system come from obtaining travel rewards offered by US credit card companies.

And if you’re an American, you already know that simply signing up for a credit card means free travel. It can also mean free stays in hotels and extra spending money. Not to mention many other bonuses, each and every year.

The problem is, most non-US citizens and residents don’t even realize that these benefits exist and don’t think they can access them.

In fact, several Insiders with plenty of international banking experience didn’t fully understand the huge value of US credit cards until following our instructions and accessing US credit cards for themselves.

But, simply opening a US bank account doesn’t guarantee access to US credit cards. And if you want to access premium credit cards with large sign-up bonuses, the best travel programs, massive point earning potential,  even more, in-depth strategy is needed.

In other words, the most valuable US credit cards are only available to people who qualify for them. This means jumping through all the necessary hoops, meeting the right prerequisites, and having a plan. And if you don’t know how to do those things, you’re out of luck.

Fortunately, GlobalBanks is going to uncover the secrets and show foreigners how to navigate the world of US credit cards. By following our strategies, you will be able to meet the prerequisites and access the best US credit cards available, even if you’re starting from scratch.

GlobalBanks Insiders: We have released a premium report, detailing the best strategies for building US credit history and obtaining US credit cards. This includes solutions for people from different countries, different residencies, and different income levels. 

This will include a step-by-step guide, showing you how to enter the US credit card market. It will also tell you how to build US credit history and outline the specific cards to apply for. And unlike every other resource, it will be broken down for each client group. By following the steps in our report, you will maximize your travel rewards and start traveling the world for free.

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Understanding US Credit Cards for Foreigners

First, let’s make sure we have a shared vocabulary…

“Points” refer to the loyalty points that credit companies give you for hitting certain spending milestones and/or for using your card to make purchases. They can be exchanged for free flights and accommodations at various airlines and hotels.

“Travel rewards” can be anything from free hotel rooms, free flights for your travel companions, $200 Uber credits, special bonuses, and even points themselves.

“Sign up bonuses” or “welcome bonuses” are earned after you pass a certain threshold. This requires you to spend a certain amount within a fixed period of time. As an example, an entry-level card might require you to spend $2000 in the first few months. After spending that $2000, you get 50,000 points. That’s worth about $1,000 (if valued at $.02 per point). And it’s enough for a free international roundtrip flight.

And, there are a few other items to clarify before moving forward…

Similar to international bank account opening, your residency status and country of citizenship will largely decide the specific US credit card strategies and the options that are immediately available to you.

In other words, these factors will determine which credit cards you’re eligible for. It will also tell you which strategies you’ll need to use to maximize your earning potential as fast as possible. This will result in you getting the most out of your credit cards and reaping the benefits of travel rewards programs, and traveling for free as soon as possible.

All of this, and much more, will be covered in our premium report, US Credit Cards & Travel Rewards for Non-Residents & Foreigners, which will be published and available to all GlobalBanks Insiders next week.

In this article, we’re going to give you a sneak peek and some free advice on how you can get started with your own credit card and travel points strategies right now.

If you’d like to get a head start on account opening in the US as a non-resident then download our FREE Non-Resident Banking Starter Guide right now!

Why Are US Credit Cards Valuable?

If you don’t work in the US or have any American friends, you might be asking yourself “Why are US credit cards so valuable?”

Well, let us clear that up for you…

The US credit system offers the most attractive and generous credit cards in the world. This is thanks to the generous travel rewards programs and signup bonuses on offer. Literally, no other country in the world even comes close.

Credit card companies make money through merchant processing fees earned at the point of purchase, interest payments, late payments, annual fees, and much more.

To entice customers to sign up for more credit cards, credit card companies attract consumers with large sign-up bonuses, points, various travel rewards, and sometimes even cash.

Customers are enormously profitable for US credit card companies. For this reason, it’s not uncommon for new customers to be rewarded with $500-$2000 in sign up bonuses after signing up for a single credit card.

Sign up bonuses and perks offered on US credit cards are often 3x-10x higher than those offered in Canada, the UK, Australia, and other countries.

To illustrate the value, someone on an entry-level salary and a decent credit score in the US can easily earn over 300,000 points per year through a few well-timed sign-up bonuses and strategic spending habits.

To make sure we’re on the same page: 300,000 points is equivalent to about six international roundtrip flights per year. And, if you follow the strategies in our premium report, you can earn thousands in free travel rewards and bonuses to reap those benefits every single year.

Now, Americans, US residents, and SSN holders can already easily access all of these credit card opportunities. In fact, it’s not uncommon for an average American with a decent credit score to earn over $1500-$5000+ per year in signup bonuses. That is if they are familiar with credit card churning.

US freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners with business expenses and higher spending habits (e.g. Facebook Ads, paying salaries, operating expenses, and business travel costs), can earn significantly more.

But what about everyone else?

How can foreigners get access to US credit cards and start benefiting from the most lucrative credit card market in the world?

That’s the question that we decided to answer in our premium report. It’s all about US credit cards, building US credit history, and the best ways to benefit from sign up bonuses and travel rewards programs for foreigners, non-residents, and their businesses.

And what we uncovered might surprise you…

Not only is it possible for non-resident foreigners to access the same high-earning travel rewards cards from the US, but they can do so without any restrictions…

If that sounds like something you want to tap into, then you need to follow the strategies and procedures that we share to build credit. This includes breaking into the industry and determining which cards to apply for. which pitfalls and problems to avoid, and which cards to apply for first so you don’t destroy your credit score and ruin your chances of benefiting from the US credit card system altogether.

In other words, if you follow our strategies, you will be able to create a US credit card portfolio. And doing so will reward you with the most points and travel bonuses possible for years to come.

How Can You Start Applying for US Credit Cards?

us credit card for foreigners

Okay, now that we’ve discussed why you should want a US credit card, we’re onto the big question: How can a foreigner obtain a US credit card?

This is a common question. And a lot of “experts” will tell you that it’s not possible. But fortunately, after reading this article, you now know that it’s 100% possible. And soon you’ll be on the way to getting your first US credit card.

As mentioned above, getting a US credit card as a non-resident foreigner depends largely on your citizenship. It also depends on your residence and how much money you have available. And lastly, it will depend on which identification and paperwork you can provide.

In our US credit card report, we outline credit card strategies for several different client types across several categories. These include:

That’s right, Canadians are in a category of their own. There are a few reasons for this. One is that select US banks will issue credit cards based on Canadian credit scores. Alternatively, select credit card companies that allow Canadians to acquire US credit cards remotely based on credit card activity in Canada.

But even though Canadians have some unique options to access US credit cards, they still need to have a strategy. Going in blind is a mistake. They need to know which opportunities exist before attempting to acquire US cards.

Non-US citizens from other developed and underdeveloped countries can also access these same US credit cards. They just need to have the right strategy to open accounts. Likewise, they need to build credit, know what’s possible, and where the pitfalls are.

Not surprisingly, each of the client types mentioned above has a handful of sub-categories. These include people with zero credit history and zero available deposits. It can also include people with no existing credit cards to speak of.

While it may seem impossible for a foreigner with no ties to the US to access US credit cards, it’s completely possible. If you have the right information and know which strategies work for each customer type.

How Foreigners Can Make Themselves Eligible for US Credit Cards

Foreigners can apply for US cards just like anyone else. But, there are a number of special prerequisites that you’ll have to meet first.

Similar to opening bank accounts in the US, you have to pass due-diligence, submit personal information, and meet specific requirements set by the credit card companies.

Fortunately, some credit card companies are more lenient and foreign-friendly than others, making them particularly attractive for foreigners and non-residents from undeveloped countries.

Likewise, even if you come from a developed country, there are reasons why you might want to apply for these credit cards before others. This could be to build a US credit profile and credit history. It could also include establishing a relationship that you can then leverage for better cards in the near future.

US Credit Cards for Foreigners & Non-Residents

us credit card for foreigners

While your personal goals will dictate which mix of cards to apply for, this article assumes that everyone has the same goal, which is:

Obtain US credit cards to earn points, free flights, and travel rewards. And do it in the least amount of time and with the least amount of effort and money possible. 

With this in mind, we’ve highlighted a few of the best credit card options below. But this just scratches the surface. The number of US credit cards available to foreigners, with the right strategy, are plentiful.

Many experts only tell you about the individual perks of each credit card. But our report goes into the actual application and credit strategies needed to build out a US credit card portfolio. The approaches we detail will jump-start your points earning strategy. This includes which ones you should be applying for and in which order… based on each client type.

In our premium US credit card report, we provide specific step-by-step guides for each customer type. These are like roadmaps that foreign non-residents of all types can use to open US bank accounts, build credit, and obtain the best US credit cards.

Here’s everything that you can access right now from our US credit card report:

  • How non-US citizens and non-residents can earn six free international round trips per year by opening the right bank accounts and obtaining the right credit cards
  • How you can establish a US credit score and build up enough US credit history to qualify for credit cards and earn travel rewards, free flights, and bonuses in 7 months or less.
  • The specific strategies that non-US citizens and non-residents use to successfully obtain premium US credit cards and the best travel rewards programs in the world
  • How to obtain US credit cards without any US credit history… even if you’ve never been to the US
  • How to obtain an ITIN from the IRS without having a business or working in the US
  • Which specific cards to apply for, when, and in what order – for the most common types of client profiles
  • The best and fastest ways to build a US credit card portfolio for non-US citizens, non-residents, and their businesses.
  • The most common mistakes and biggest blunders that foreigners make before, during, and after applying for US credit cards (and how to avoid them)

Paired with our US banking report that was published two weeks ago, US Banking – Comprehensive Guide for Non-Residents, Foreigners, & Businesses, Insiders get all the tools, strategies, and real-time analyst support to open US bank accounts, build US credit history, get an ITIN, obtain the most valuable US credit cards, access the most lucrative travel rewards programs and signup bonuses in the world.

And in case you like numbers, that means US $1,000+ in value from signup bonuses each year.

Here are the credit cards that will most likely be of interest to a non-resident foreigner. These are the best cards for anyone wanting to supercharge their miles and points strategy:

Citibank Options

Citibank is a favorite for many non-residents and foreigners alike, and the reason is simple. They are one of the best credit card programs for people looking to enter the US banking and credit card system.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. You will have to jump through hoops. In certain instances you will also have to put down a large amount of cash. Though that’s not always the case.

Like all of the cards that we detail in our report US Credit Cards & Travel Rewards for Non-Residents & Foreigners, there are certain loopholes and strategies that you can use to your advantage in order to access Citibank cards. And if you follow our directions, you can get a Citibank card without ever having to set foot in the US.

American Express Options

It’s no secret that American Express has one of the most generous travel rewards programs globally. But when you get an AMEX in the US, the rewards and sign up bonuses are much larger.

But that’s not even the best part about earning points on AMEX. The one thing that makes AMEX so attractive is the flexibility and transferability of the points. AMEX has 22 different hotels and airlines that you can transfer to.

It’s also worth noting that the Canadian, Australian, and UK cards only earn a fraction of the benefits. They also have far fewer transfer partners, which means more restrictions and less options for spending your points.

Most non-Amex cards restrict the number of airlines and hotels that you can transfer points to. But when it comes to US Amex, they have a much wider range of rewards points partners to choose from. That means, with the right strategy, you can use Amex points to travel on a wide range of carriers.

Chase Options

Last but certainly not least is Chase. Chase offers a wide range of personal and business credit cards. These are highly sought after by US citizens and foreigners alike. They are some of the most difficult cards to get, but also the most rewarding.

Unfortunately, Chase isn’t an entry-level option for most. You’re going to have to have a decent level of credit history in the US. But more importantly, it will be with the right credit bureaus.

But that’s not a bad thing. If you follow the steps that we outline in our report, you will be able to access some of Chase’s best cards in 8-12 months. Even if you’re starting from zero.

The Fastest Way to Benefit from US Credit Cards (for Non-US Citizens and Non-Residents)

Sure, it is possible to obtain credit cards and earn points in almost any country in the world. But, US credit cards offer better rewards and are far more lucrative. The signup bonuses and rewards in your home country will be a fraction of those offered in the US. If they even exist at all.

The fastest, most efficient, and most cost-effective way to earn points is to leverage the signup bonuses and special rewards that the US credit card companies offer.

For this reason, the best and fastest way to earn free flights is to enter the US credit card market.

By following the steps outlined in our US Credit Card Report, you will earn thousands in free travel per year. You will also build a robust US credit card portfolio for you and your family that keeps on giving.

Get a US Credit Card as Non-Resident Foreigner

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