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US Credit Cards for Non-Residents

US credit cards for non-residents offer the most lucrative travel rewards programs, the most generous sign-up bonuses, and the best consumer protections in the world. Plus, if you choose the right card, you can also benefit from no foreign transaction (FX) fees and low maintenance costs. 

Use our featured article & free resources below to navigate how you can start applying for credit cards to unlock these benefits today.

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US Credit Card Article

Click here to read our featured US credit card article covering how to get a US credit card with an ITIN number.

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The first step to obtaining a US credit card as a foreign non-resident is to open a US bank account. If you want to get started with this right away, , download our dedicated US banking guide below – it’s free and shares the step-by-step process to opening accounts in the US for foreign and non-resident individuals.

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US Banking & Credit Cards

To get the credit card you’re after, you usually need to open a bank account with the right bank.

If you’re a foreign non-resident, that can be a challenge… 

You can use the secrets in our FREE US Bank Account Opening Guide to find and open accounts fast.


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Getting Started

Who Can Apply for a US Credit Card for Non-Residents?

The next step to applying for US credit cards, is to confirm whether or not you’re eligible to apply. To start, let’s look at the eligible non-resident client groups that can apply for US credit cards.

Who Can Apply for a US Issued Credit Card:

  • Foreign non-resident individuals with a US tax ID
  • Foreign non-resident individuals without an ITIN or SSN
  • Foreign non-residents looking to apply remotely
  • Foreign owned single member non-resident US LLCs

Our team has helped many individuals in both of the above groups successful apply for and obtain US credit cards for non-residents 100% remotely. 

That said, the specific cards you can obtain and the banks (or issuers) you can get them from, depend on the group you’re in and in some cases how much you can deposit. With this in mind, lets take a look at the requirements now.

Requirements to Get a US Credit Card for Non-Residents

Depending on the credit card provider you choose and the specific card you apply for, the requirements to obtain a US credit card will vary. The requirements may also vary depending on your citizenship and where you are a resident.

So, it’s important to know what you need to successfully get a US-issued credit card. More on this below, but first here are the essential basic requirements across all credit card providers.

Basic Requirements to Get a US Issued Credit Card:

  • Two forms of government-issued identification
  • US bank account to pay the monthly charges
  • SSN or ITIN (not required if you know where to apply)
  • Employment status & proof of income

How to Apply for US Credit Cards for Non-Residents

In most cases, you will need established US credit history to get the cards you want. But even the most coveted US travel rewards cards are accessible without credit history. You just need to know which banks to approach and be able to meet their requirements.

To help you with this, our team has prepared the most comprehensive US credit card report ever written. It includes 11 step-by-step strategies for foreigners and non-residents to access the US credit cards they want, including:

1. American Express US credit cards for non-residents

2. Citibank US credit cards for non-residents

3. Chase US credit cards for non-residents

You can get immediate access to this report & direct introductions to bankers when you join GlobalBanks USA, giving you everything you need to access and maintain the US credit cards you desire.


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Learn More About Your Options

US Credit Cards for Non-Residents

If you’re looking to get a US credit card as a non-resident, you will also need a US bank account. In fact, opening a US bank account is a pre-requisite to being approved for a US credit card.

To help you with this, our team has put together a number of free resources dedicated to helping you open a US bank account as a foreign non-resident, which you can access here. 

Of course, you can use the free resources below to further explore your US credit card options.

Looking for a different type of account? 
We can help you make informed decisions about personal, business, & private banking across Europe, Asia, and the United States. Click here to learn more.

Free Resources

Explore US Credit Cards for Non-Residents

Below you’ll find our archive of free resources to assist with obtaining the US credit cards that you desire. 

This includes detailed articles to help you decide on the specific cards you can consider and the steps to obtain them.

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