How Can You Send Money to Switzerland?

You can send money to Switzerland through a bank-to-bank transfer, money transfer services, international transfer services, and payment platforms.

In this article, we’ll explain how you can send money to Switzerland. This will be relevant to anyone sending funds to Switzerland or looking to deposit money into their own Swiss bank account.

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Table of Contents

  1. How Can You Send Money to Switzerland?
  2. Can I Transfer Money From a US Bank to a Switzerland Bank?
  3. Frequently Asked Swiss Banking Questions
  4. Ready to Open an Offshore Bank Account?

How Can You Send Money to Switzerland?

You can send money to Switzerland using a number of transfer services, including sending a bank-to-bank transfer, money transfer services like Western Union, money transfer apps like Wise, and other alternatives.

That said, when it comes to choosing how to best send money to Switzerland, there are other considerations to keep in mind as well. These considerations include the amount being sent, whether you plan to send Swiss Francs (CHF), the currency of Switzerland, or another currency, as well as the fees and exchange rates.

Here’s a closer look at these factors and more that you will want to consider when sending money to Switzerland.

What to Consider When Choosing How to Send a Money Transfer to Switzerland?

  • Exchange rates between the home currency and the Swiss franc (CHF)
  • Transfer fees charged by the sending bank or platform
  • Transfer fees charged by the receiving bank or platform
  • Processing time for sending the transfer
  • Security of the transfer being sent
  • Regulatory restrictions impacting the transfer (e.g. FATF)
  • Enhanced due diligence requirements (e.g. extra documentation)

When it comes to fees, all transfer methods will have their own fee structures, required documentation, and Switzerland banking requirements for sending money internationally. So, before sending money to Switzerland you should compare all of the available transfer options, money transfer fees, and the Swiss banking costs for the service.

Likewise, there are economic uncertainties and risks to banking in Switzerland that you should consider, though Swiss banking risks are considerably lower than those in almost all other countries.

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Can I Transfer Money From a US Bank to a Bank in Switzerland?

Yes, you can transfer money from a US bank to an offshore bank account in Switzerland. In fact, you can send money to a variety of institutions and a list of banks in Switzerland from the US using a wire transfer, an online money transfer service, or a mobile banking app.

While there are many different transfer methods you can choose from, most people can transfer money from a US bank account to a Swiss bank account without too much hassle. The same goes for sending money to a corporate bank account or a business bank account in Switzerland as well. Of course, the transfer method best suited for you will depend on the type of bank account you have, specifically if you have a Swiss private bank account, business account, or personal bank account. But also, on the financial institution and whether it’s the best bank in Switzerland for your banking needs. Other factors include the amount of money you are transferring, your tolerance for fees, and the level of security you need.

That said, if you are looking to tap into the financial perks and benefits of banking in Switzerland and sending and receiving international transfers are a must-have, it’s important to choose banks that offer this service.

Here’s a look at the methods you can consider when sending money to a small bank, a leading banking institution, or the largest bank in Switzerland from a US bank.

Money Transfer Services to Use to Send Money From a US Bank to a Switzerland Bank

  • International wire transfer (e.g. bank-to-bank)
  • Money transfer service (e.g. Western Union)
  • International transfer service (e.g. Wise)
  • Payments platform (e.g. PayPal)

What App Can I Use to Send Money to Switzerland?

There are several apps you can use to send money to Switzerland. That said, the app available to you will depend on your country of residence and the amount you are looking to send. But, in most cases, users find that apps like Wise, CurrencyFair, MoneyCorp, and others support their needs.

Note: in order to use any money transfer methods and other Switzerland banking services to send funds to Switzerland, you will need the correct recipient account details and confirm with the recipient that their bank accepts transfers from third-party applications.

Additionally, before you use these or any other money transfer apps, it’s important to confirm the fees you may be charged and the processing time for the money transfer to be completed.

Frequently Asked Swiss Banking Questions

Below are a few of the most common questions we receive from people trying to determine how to send money to Switzerland. If you have further questions you would like answered, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Best Way to Send Money to Switzerland?

The best way to send money to Switzerland depends on a few factors, including the country you’re sending the transfer from, the amount being sent, the fees associated with the transfer, and more. Fortunately, there are many methods used to transfer funds that are considered the best way to send money to Switzerland, including bank-to-bank transfers, money orders, and transfer services.

How Long Does It Take to Send Money to Switzerland?

How long it takes to send money to Switzerland ultimately depends on the amount, the country, the recipient, the transfer service, and other factors. Generally speaking, most international money transfers can take anywhere between one day to a week. In fact, bank-to-bank transfers can often take longer.

Do They Use Venmo in Switzerland?

No, they do not use Venmo in Switzerland. Venmo is only available within the United States and to US residents with a US bank account. In fact, if you try to use Venmo outside of the US, you will get an error message.

Does Switzerland Use Western Union?

Yes, Switzerland uses Western Union. In fact, you can send money to your deposit account or personal bank account in Switzerland through the Western Union app or by sending cash to a Western Union location near you. Limitations may vary, however, you can send up to 5,500 CHF every three days.

Does MoneyGram Work in Switzerland?

Yes, MoneyGram does work in Switzerland. In fact, MoneyGram works with Valora kiosks, which is the largest chain of kiosks in Switzerland. This makes MoneyGram convenient for locals and tourists to transfer money to support their needs.

What Do I Need to Send Money Online to Switzerland?

What you need to send money online to Switzerland will depend on the transfer provider you choose to use. Generally speaking, you will need the recipient’s personal contact information and bank account information, including account number, financial institution number, and transit number.

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