Sort Code and Account Number: Banking Credentials Guide

In this article, we’re exploring sort code and account number, two of the most important bank account credentials.

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Table of Contents

  1. Sort Code and Account Number
  2. Who Needs Sort Codes?
  3. How Do I Find My Sort Code?
  4. How Do I Find My Account Number?
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Do You Want Help Opening Bank Accounts?

Sort Code and Account Number

Sort code and account number are two of the most important bank account details, assisting with account identification and acting as a financial routing number. In short, using these credentials when sending transfers from one bank to another, ensures that the funds arrive at the correct bank, branch, and account.

Who Needs Sort Codes?

There are a number of different groups that need sort codes in order to complete various transactions. These groups include financial institutions, government departments, payroll service providers, utility companies, and more.

For example, when you are sending money to and from other financial institutions, sort codes ensure that funds arrive at the intended bank and branch, and eventually at the intended account.

How Do I Find My Sort Code?

You can find your sort code in a number of different locations, including your online bank account, account statements from your financial institution, and on checks tied to your account. In fact, using a check is one of the most common ways that people find their sort code.

How Do I Find My Account Number?

Similar to sort code, you can find your account number through online banking, account statements, and on checks. In fact the account number is listed at the bottom of all checks issued and tied to your bank account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the most common questions we receive from people looking into this topic. If you have further questions you would like to ask our team, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Where Is My Sort Code and Account Number?

The sort code and account number can be found in a number of communications from your financial institution. However, the most common place to look for this information is at the bottom of the check that is issued by your bank. With this in mind, you can review your checkbook in order to find both numbers.

Can You Access a Bank Account With Sort Code and Account Number?

No, you cannot access a bank account with a sort code and account number. To access a bank account you would need to have a person’s security information, passwords, and account details. That said, someone may try to use your credentials to gain access to your account, though it would be highly unlikely that it succeeds.

What Happens If Someone Has My Sort Code and Account Number?

If someone has your sort code and account number, it could pose risks to the security of the account. However, this is usually only the case if they also have access to other personal information, including your legal name, birthday, phone number, and security details to enter your account.

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