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  • GlobalBanks Country Intelligence Reports give you access to secret backdoors into world-class offshore banks, access to exclusive high-interest products, and access to under-the-radar account opening hacks.
  • GlobalBanks Client Intelligence Reports breakdown specific strategies that high-risk and unique client profiles use to find and open accounts in solid banking jurisdictions globally.

The most comprehensive banking reports available anywhere
on-line for key jurisdictions and client profiles...

  • US Banking Report: Find out exactly how you can tap into the US banking system, and avoid risks and expensive pitfalls in order to grab the benefits for yourself.
  • Digital Nomad Banking: Get banking options that understand your needs & strategies for overcoming difficult documentation requirements facing nomads.
  • Panama Offshore Banking Report: This is the ultimate guide to account opening in Panama. Here you will find direct contact information for English speaking bankers at the best banks, account opening secrets to speed up the process and more.
  • Georgia Bank Account Opening: Learn the exact steps that you can take to open accounts in Georgia, by yourself, without ever stepping foot in the country.
  • Banking for Cryptocurrency Entrepreneurs & Investors: The best cryptocurrency banking report available. Includes actionable banks that accept crypto clients with all different types of crypto sourced income.
  • Banking in Singapore Report: Specific account opening strategies that you can follow to get bank accounts open in Singapore right now for companies and individuals.

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GlobalBanks Library

  • Each month we add a new report with actionable options for banking hotspots around the world or specific client profiles - access proven account opening strategies for the best banks globally.

Proven Strategies

  • Learn what worked, what didn’t, which bankers to apply with, and which to avoid - get the most comprehensive banking intelligence reports available.

Actionable Insights

  • Each report comes with direct contacts, actionable next steps, and account opening strategies you can use immediately - start opening accounts with the best banks instantly.

Only $197 Per Year

GlobalBanks Database

Quickly find banks that meet the specific needs of you or your business.

Access our growing database of +250 banks from +50 countries, searchable by your specific interests.

Globalbanks Database

  • Search 250+ banks by account type, residency status, bank country, deposit size, and services - giving you instant access to the banks that match your profile.

Bank Profiles

  • Find out if a bank is right for you by accessing details on services, locations, reports & analysis, and risks - save time & money by knowing if it's a fit before applying.

Account Opening & Insights

  • Get exclusive account opening hacks, analyst insights, customer feedback, bank employee insights, and direct contacts - cut down account opening time and requirements instantly.

Only $197 Per Year

Real-Time Analyst Support

Our analysts answer your toughest questions, support your offshore banking ventures, and help you through your offshore banking challenges.


Email Support

  • Email Support: Get detailed support from the GlobalBanks team with specific banks and account opening instructions around the world - it's like having your own team of analysts to open accounts.

Online Chat Support

  • Contact GlobalBanks anytime of day to ask questions or get support by using our on-site chat - get answers to all your banking questions and help finding actionable solutions.

Only $197 Per Year

Everything You're About To Receive When You Become A GlobalBanks Insider

  • Country Intelligence Reports: Access in-depth analysis on both traditional and up & coming banking hotspots. Which means you never miss time-sensitive opportunities, account opening hacks, and exclusive offers from under-the-radar banks.
  • Client Intelligence Reports​: Obtain specific in-depth reports that break down account opening for different client types (nomads, crypto, expats, and more). All with specific banks, strategies, and hacks to make sure you get accounts open.
  • The GlobalBanks Database: Get instant access to exclusive data on 250+ banks, including who should bank there, account opening quirks, customer reviews, financial info, and banker contact info. PLUS we’ll be adding hundreds more.​
  • Real-Time Analyst Support​: As a GlobalBanks Insider you'll get access to our team of analysts who will answer your toughest questions and support you through your offshore banking endeavors. It’s like having your own personal team of analysts.

Only $197 Per Year

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