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The most actionable account opening platform available anywhere.

Only $47 Per Month - Cancel Anytime

Here are just a few of the benefits you'll immediately access inside...

  • The exact steps to finally get an account open: Stop guessing when you open accounts, we tell you exactly how find the best bank, apply, and speak to your banker.
  • Profiles for over 250 international banks for corporate and personal accounts: Banks that we monitor and update regularly to help you find the best bank account options for you.
  • Georgia Bank Account Opening: The exact steps that you can take to open accounts in Georgia, by yourself, without ever stepping foot in the country.
  • Banking in Singapore: Specific account opening strategies that you can follow to get bank accounts open in Singapore right now for companies and individuals.
  • Banking for Cryptocurrency Entrepreneurs & Investors: The best cryptocurrency banking report available (including actionable banks that accept crypto clients with all different types of crypto sourced income).
  • Panama Offshore Banking Report: The ultimate guide to account opening in Panama, including direct contact information for English speaking bankers at the best banks and account opening secrets to speed up the process.
  • DIRECT ACCESS to our team of GlobalBanks analysts to help you find accounts: Our team is available to answer your questions and help you find the best banking options without waiting around - we're here to make sure you get the accounts you need!

Get access to the tools, intelligence, and key contacts you need to instantly access the offshore banking world, open bank accounts, and avoid expensive mistakes right now.

Only $47 per month

Creating the #1 Offshore Banking Platform Wasn't Easy...

Our team has spent thousands of hours meeting with banks, opening accounts, and collecting first hand banking experiences – we’ve done this in countries all over the world.

The result is the most comprehensive banking platform available anywhere.

  • Took our team 5 years of testing, documenting, interviewing, and monitoring
  • Met with bankers in more than 50 countries
  • Opened hundreds of bank accounts

But this is just the beginning… 

GlobalBanks Insiders receive new reports each month from our team, weekly updates on new account opening strategies, and real-life case studies from people just like you.

In addition to everything outlined above, you will also receive direct personalized support from the GlobalBanks team. 

When you become a GlobalBanks Insider, you can ask questions about specific countries, specific banks, and your specific challenges.

Any of the benefits listed above would save you much more than the cost of your GlobalBanks membership.

Here’s how you will benefit as a GlobalBanks Insider…

  • Receive offshore banking playbooks, cheatsheets, and account opening scripts for every situation.
  • Insight into bank customer preferences, likes and dislikes, and key areas of sensitivity so your account doesn’t get shut down, frozen, or confiscated.
  • Get actionable account opening intelligence – learn about what works, what doesn’t, which banks and bankers to apply with, and which to avoid.
  • First-hand account opening experiences and real-life case studies from new clients.
  • First-hand account opening experiences and real-life case studies from new clients.

Plus, get access to our private members-only community

  • Become an Insider and open offshore bank accounts faster and cheaper than anyone else.
  • Join like-minded individuals with a shared interest in unlocking the offshore banking world.

Only $47 per month

Access These Reports Right Now For $47 Per Month...

​​The most comprehensive banking reports available anywhere on-line for key jurisdictions and client profiles, including:​

Digital Nomad Banking

Get banking options that understand your needs & strategies for overcoming difficult documentation requirements facing nomads.

digital nomad report

Panama Offshore Banking

Well managed banks in a strong jurisdiction is what Panama offers. We give you direct contact details to good banks that will open for you.

Georgia Non-Resident Banking

Open accounts in Georgia with direct contact information to the best banking options and receive remote opening strategies that work.

Banking For Cryptocurrency

This actionable guide tells you the banks, the strategy, and the documents you need to get an account open, regardless of source of crypto.

Crypto Report Standing

Singapore Banking Guide

Yes, it’s possible to open accounts in Singapore. You just need to know which bank, branch, and strategy to use. This report tells you how.

Mauritius Remote Opening

Mauritius has a lot of banks. This report tells you which options are best for you. Read before opening and you’ll avoid expensive mistakes.

Plus Get Immediate Access to the GlobalBanks Database...

Covering banks from over 50 countries, the GlobalBanks Database gives you the important information you need to successfully find, apply to, and open an account:

Searchable Database

Find banks that actually want to open accounts for you or your business. This easy to search database gives you the power to choose.

Individual Bank Profiles

Get specific information on the banks that you’re considering, including account opening hacks and feedback from other Insiders.

Only $47 per month

Shortlist Top Jurisdictions with Banking Intelligence Reports

Feel confident about your banking jurisdiction GlobalBanks’ detailed intelligence on the best countries for banking around the world. Each report gives you a thorough analysis of the political, economic, and regulatory factors in the country that stand to impact your savings or business there.

We also shed light on banking jurisdictions to avoid, including those jurisdictions that are often incorrectly recommended by “internationalization experts”.


Find & Open Accounts with Client Intelligence Reports

Approach account opening with the right strategy and understanding of your unique client profile. By using the GlobalBanks client intelligence reports we’ll show you the way to find the best accounts for you, the strategies for opening, and the specific banks that desire clients matching your unique profile. All available in the Insider Library.


Access the GlobalBanks Database of International Banks

Find and compare the best banking solutions for your unique situation through the GlobalBanks database of banks from around the world.


Assess Account Opening Requirements with Detailed Bank Profiles

Every bank we recommend has it's own profile, providing straight talk on what you need to know about banking there, a break down of the risks associated with the bank, and of course the process for opening accounts, account opening requirements, and which client type each bank is best suited for.


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