Mailing Service for Gambling Sites [High-Risk Banking]

Mailing services for gambling sites can include services ranging from sending and receiving post to support corporate requirements.

In this article, we’ll explore the various mailing options that gambling website owners can consider, especially as they relate to banking.

Of course, if you need to open a bank account for your gambling site, you may want to start with our other free resources to help you with company bank account opening.

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Table of Contents

  1. Mailing Service for Gambling Sites
  2. Can Gambling Sites Use Mailing Services for Banking?
  3. Ready to Explore Your Options?

Mailing Service for Gambling Sites

A mailing service for gambling sites can include sending and receiving post, meeting corporate registry or banking requirements, as well as physical and email marketing. Generally speaking, the specific requirements of gambling sites can be matched by a range of companies that cater to their needs.

Taking a look at bank account opening requirements, mailing services are often considered in terms of their acceptance. In other words, which banks will open accounts for a business that uses a PO Box or a registered corporate address.

Finding banks that accept PO boxes is a challenge for most business owners. However, gambling sites are further challenged by the fact that they are considered high-risk by banks. Adding a mailing service to the list can further increase the complexity of their application.

With this in mind, gambling sites that require account opening that supports mailing services (e.g. a PO Box), will have limited options available. This is especially true since gambling sites have limited options to begin with.

As a result, bank selection and account opening strategies will be critical in successfully opening accounts. To do this, business owners need to understand the specific account opening criteria of the available banks and how to meet their requirements.

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Can Gambling Sites Use Mailing Services for Banking?

In certain countries, it is possible to open a bank account using an address from a mailing service. This can include a PO box, mail forwarder, registered address provider, and more. However, not all banks accept these addresses during the account opening process, so it’s important to find banks that will.

If you are unable to find a bank that accepts your available form of address, you may want to consider alternative options instead. This will require you to obtain a new address for your company from an acceptable mailing service. Or, proof of address for an existing address that the bank will accept.

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