Does Switzerland Accept Euro?

No, Switzerland does not officially accept the euro. The official currency of the country is the Swiss Franc (CHF).

In this article, we’re exploring whether Switzerland accepts the euro. We’ll share details on the monetary units accepted in Switzerland, the official currency of Switzerland, where you can exchange your money for Swiss Francs, and answer common questions we receive from people exploring this topic.

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  1. Does Switzerland Accept Euro?
  2. Frequently Asked Swiss Banking Questions
  3. Do You Want to Open a Switzerland Bank Account?

Does Switzerland Accept Euro?

No, Switzerland does not officially accept the euro as its currency. The Swiss Franc (CHF) is the official currency of Switzerland. Certain tourist destinations in the country, including hotels, airports, and large tourism operators do accept euros and other major currencies. 

It’s important to note that when using foreign currencies in Switzerland, including the euro, it’s expected that vendors return your change in Swiss Francs.

We highly recommend converting your money to Swiss Francs, even though Switzerland does accept US dollars and the euro at large tourist operations.

Where Can I Exchange Euros for Swiss Francs in Switzerland?

You can exchange euros for Swiss Francs at most banks, currency exchange offices, airports, and some hotels in Switzerland.  The best location for you depends on the amount you want to exchange, the fees you’re willing to pay, and where in the city you are located.

Exchange rates and fees vary between each of these options. It’s important to compare the exchange rates and fees that each of these options charges before choosing which method to use.

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Frequently Asked Swiss Banking Questions

Below are a few of the most common questions we receive from people exploring if Switzerland accepts the euro. If you have further questions you would like answered, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

Can You Pay With Euro in Switzerland?

Certain establishments in Switzerland do accept euros, however, it is recommended you use the Swiss Francs when making a transaction. Individuals who do use euros to make a transaction will receive their change in Swiss Francs.

What Is the Best Currency to Take to Switzerland?

The best currency to take to Switzerland is the Swiss Franc (CHF). The Swiss Franc is the official currency of Switzerland and using Swiss Francs ensures smoother transactions. We highly recommend exchanging your money for CHF before (or upon) arriving in Switzerland.

Can You Use US Dollars in Switzerland?

No, you cannot use US dollars in Switzerland. Switzerland’s official currency and only legal tender of the country is the Swiss Franc (CHF). You can convert USD to CHF at major banks, currency exchange offices, and some hotels in Switzerland.

Why Euro Is Not Used in Switzerland?

The euro is not used in Switzerland mainly because Switzerland is not a member of the EU. Switzerland is an independent country and uses it’s own currency, the Swiss Franc (CHF).

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