Best State for Anonymous LLC: How to Choose LLC States?

In this article, weโ€™re sharing the best state for anonymous LLC formation.

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Table of Contents

  1. Best State for Anonymous LLC
  2. What Are the Benefits of an Anonymous LLC?
  3. How to Register Your Business as an Anonymous LLC?
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Ready to Open Accounts With Banks in the USA?

Best State for Anonymous LLC

The best state for an anonymous LLC that offers privacy protection, confidentiality, asset protection, and corporate anonymity is either Delaware, Nevada, New Mexico, or Wyoming. LLC formation in one of these four business-friendly states is the best way to unlock LLC advantages.

Choosing the right state for your legal entity depends on the business activities, your e-commerce enablement objectives, fees youโ€™re willing to pay, annual reporting youโ€™re willing to complete, and future plans for the business.

However, the process to register is similar in each state. First requiring you to appoint a registered agent, follow the state laws for registration and formation, and then meet ongoing reporting requirements.

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What Is an Anonymous LLC?

An anonymous LLC is an LLC that does not have the names or addresses of the members of the LLC entered into the public record. Instead, the name and address of the registered agent are submitted to the government.

What Are the Benefits of an Anonymous LLC?

The benefits of an anonymous LLC include enhanced privacy, asset protection, and corporate anonymity. However, there are a wide range of other benefits that can be accessed when forming a US LLC as a foreign non-resident individual.

Benefits of an Anonymous LLC

  • Enhanced privacy protection
  • Asset protection
  • Flexible ownership structures
  • Strong legal protection
  • Pro-business environment
  • Reasonably low-cost option
  • No annual reporting requirement
  • No out-of-state income tax
  • Common structure which banks recognize

How to Register Your Business as an Anonymous LLC?

To register your business as an anonymous LLC, you will need to register your LLC in one of the four anonymous LLC states. After choosing which state you want to register in, you will need to complete the following steps.

Requirements for Registering an Anonymous LLC

  1. Appoint a registered agent in the state
  2. File Articles of Organization for the LLC with the governing body
  3. Pay the associated filing fee at the time of filing the Articles of Organization
  4. Obtain an Employment Identification Number for the LLC
  5. File an annual report and pay an annual fee on an ongoing basis
  6. Meet any related federal filing requirements from the IRS

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are four of the most common questions we receive from people looking into the best state for anonymous LLC. If you have further questions you would like to ask our team, donโ€™t hesitate to get in touch.

What Is the Best State for a Single Member LLC?

The best state for a single member LLC is either Delaware or Wyoming for most situations. This is because these two states offer ease of registration, fast formation, and low cost formation and maintenance. Delaware is typically used for businesses that plan to raise capital in the future while Wyoming is typically used for single member US LLCs, especially those being registered by foreign non-resident owners.

What State Is Best to Open LLC for Non Residents?

The best state for non-residents to register an LLC is usually one of the anonymous LLC states, including Delaware, Nevada, New Mexico, or Wyoming. Of course, each state has specific pros and cons to consider and offers different fee structures. In most cases, non-residents typically choose between Delaware and Wyoming.

What Are the Cons of an Anonymous LLC?

The cons of an anonymous LLC include additional costs for registering and maintaining the LLC and the possibility of increased scrutiny when conducting transactions, opening bank accounts, or dealing with official parties that require state filings with the names of the LLC members.

What States Have the Best Charging Order Protection?

The states that have the best charging order protection are Delaware, Nevada, and Wyoming. This is because the remaining states have limitations on the charging order protection that can be offered to multi-member LLCs.

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