Account Opening for Cryptocurrency Investors & Entrepreneurs

How to start opening bank accounts when you source income from cryptocurrency...

Finding a bank that will accept crypto investor or entrepreneur shouldn't be a challenge. But it is. Fortunately, our team has compiled everything you need to know to find and open accounts at great banks. Keep reading to learn our secrets to opening accounts for cryptocurrency investors & entrepreneurs...

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International & Offshore Banking for Cryptocurrency

Account Opening for Cryptocurrency

Having just a portion of your income generated from cryptocurrency is a major “red-flag” for most banks. And as crazy as that might sound, it’s true. 

Want to know what’s at the root of the problem? It’s fear.

Bankers, compliance officers, and governments are scared. 

They all think that clients who made money in crypto are high-risk for money laundering, terrorism financing, and evading taxes. 

They’re worried that clients like you, with legitimate businesses, real banking needs, and money to open accounts will get them in trouble with international regulators. 

So, instead of opening your account, they deny you, they stop responding to email, or worse: they make you complete an intrusive due-diligence process without any actual intention of opening an account.

This happens. A lot. And people are getting fed up.

But, as we all know, people still need to bank. So what do people with crypto sourced income do instead?

Unfortunately, many people are taking extreme risks. Some of them resort to lying about their source of income while others are opening accounts in other people’s names.

Consider this a warning: Do not do this. Eventually, you will get caught. And the risks are too high. 

And besides, it’s not necessary when you have other options available to you…

Keep reading to learn how we find, approach, apply to, and leverage offshore & international bank accounts for cyrpto investors and entrepreneurs from around the world…

Account Opening For Crypto Investors & Entrepreneurs

All things considered, it’s no wonder account opening has become so difficult for those in the cryptocurrency industry. 

But it’s still possible to open and keep open great bank accounts for you or your business. That is if you know how to go about opening an account. 

You see when it comes to opening an international bank account, one of the most important considerations is your client profile. Understanding your profile can make the difference in successfully opening an account.

You already know the challenges of opening accounts as a cryptocurrency investor or entrepreneur. But we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be so difficult.

There are banks that specialize in dealing with high-risk client profiles. These banks understand your industry and will offer you compelling services.

You just need to know how to find these banks. And you need to understand how to connect with them. Most importantly, you need to be able to present yourself or your business so they understand the associated risk.

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How You Can Open Offshore Bank Accounts

If you’re ready to start benefiting from the offshore banking world as a crypto investor or entrepreneur then the next step is to open an offshore account.

Here are the steps to opening an international or offshore bank account:

Warning: Risks & Challenges

It’s important to tackle some of the obstacles you’ll undoubtedly face when opening international or offshore bank accounts as a crypto investor or entrepreneur.

The reason for this, quite simply, is that you will be seen as high-risk in the eyes of banks and regulators.

To get the best possible bank accounts open, you need to be pragmatic.

The problem is that most people don’t know the new rules of the game. They go in blind. Choose the wrong bank. Carelessly slap together application answers. And think every bank will cater to their needs as a cryto investor or entrepreneur. 

They don’t understand the bank’s sensitivities, likes and dislikes, account opening quirks, or the best strategies…so they end up getting denied.

As a prospective client at a bank, it’s your job to make the bank comfortable and convince them that they want to serve your needs as a client.

You need to prep carefully and strategically before setting foot in a bank or interacting with bankers. That means clearly understanding your banking goals. And you need to know the benefits that you’re actually after. 

That means you need to be aware of the risks and disadvantages of the bank, bank account, and more. 

You know, those little, hidden “cons” that no one talks about – like hidden fees, internal policies, restrictions, and compliance quirks. 

And that’s where we come in…

How GlobalBanks Can Help

Opening an international or offshore bank account can be complex. But, we are here to simplify it for you.

At GlobalBanks, our goal is to help you find and open the bank accounts that you need as fast as possible!

The path to opening great accounts at great banks is knowing which banks to approach, and how to approach them.

And you won’t have to lie to get an account open.

Yes, there are hoops to jump through. Yes, there will be documents to provide. But, it’s no different from any other account opening process… as long as you know which banks to approach and how to approach them.

What you need is an account opening strategy…

A list of the banks that are open to having you as a client, and contact information for crypto-friendly bankers.

Fortunately, we’ve prepared all of this for you. 

The Ultimate Guide to Account Opening for Crypto Entrepreneurs & Investors provides you with an actionable road-map for successful account opening. is the most comprehensive guide to account opening for crypto anywhere.

The result? You get to avoid costly mistakes and open accounts in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. 

Get all the information you need to successfully open bank accounts in our Guide to Account Opening for Crypto Entrepreneurs & Investors. Take a look inside…

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