Asian Business Bank Account Opening

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Where to Bank in Asia Guide

Asian Business Bank Account Opening

Asian business bank accounts can be opened by non-resident, foreign, and even offshore companies. Including in the most sought-after Asian banking hubs, like Singapore. In contrast, when applying for accounts in other regions, these non-resident and offshore entities are usually automatically rejected or completely ignored by banks.

To navigate the process of finding and opening the best Asian business bank account for your company use our in-depth account opening articles below.

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Asian Business Bank Accounts

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Where to Bank in Asia Guide

Getting Started

Asian Business Banking 101

Asian business banking can include transactional banking, treasury services, payment processing, as well as private banking. And, in most cases, accounts can be opened with reputable banks remotely. 

That said, the specific banks (and accounts) your business can access will depend on a range of factors including country of registration, entity type, industry, deposit, annual turnover, and more.

With this in mind, it’s important to choose jurisdictions that are familiar with your type of entity, country of registration, and industry. Likewise, you should aim to open accounts in countries that openly welcome the citizenship and residency of both ultimate beneficiaries (shareholders) and company directors.

Not surprisingly, deposit amounts will vary depending on the country you choose and the type of account you want to open. But as a reference point, standard offshore entities can get started opening accounts 100% remotely in Singapore with as little as US $25,000.

As always, if you can show up in person to open accounts, the options available to you will increase. 

Before moving forward, here are a few key takeaways to consider when opening Asian bank accounts for your business.


  • Asian business bank accounts can be opened 100% remotely
  • Non-resident, foreign, & offshore businesses can open accounts here
  • Deposit requirements range depending on the country, bank, and account
  • Choose countries that are familiar with your corporate structure
  • Choose banks that accept owner & director nationalities & residencies
  • Showing up in person can mean more banking options

Applying to International Banks in Asia

When applying for business bank accounts in Asia, you will need to meet similar requirements as you would for non-resident businesses elsewhere. But, there are some unique requirements to opening bank accounts in Asia, which canvary greatly between countries. 

For example, in Hong Kong, it is common for banks to require a local director, local address, and in some cases a local office (which the bank will send representatives to visit). 

On the other hand, in Singapore, some banks may require an address for your business – though this largely depends on the type of account that you are opening. 

In other jurisdictions, you can find banks and bankers that will be flexible with such requirements. Of course, flexibility is typically a function of how valuable the bank (or banker) thinks you will be as a client. 

So in most cases, flexibility is usually afforded to clients that will be making large deposits, investing through bank products or services, and have a high annual turnover – all of which could make your business a profitable client for the bank.

Start Opening Asian Business Bank Accounts

If you would like to get started opening bank accounts for your business in Asia, you can continue to use our country specific articles and free resources below. 

Or if you’re looking to start opening bank accounts today and want the process to be as smooth as possible, we can help you in one of two ways…

First, we’ve created a comprehensive account opening platform called GlobalBanks IQ – it provides all of the tools you need to navigate business bank account opening in Asia – including 100% remotely in Singapore. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more hands on approach, there’s also GlobalBanks Insider. 

GlobalBanks Insider is a done-for-you solution that leverages our team’s expertise to provife you with direct one-on-one support and personalized introductions to the international banks in Asia of your choosing.


GlobalBanks IQ provides immediate access to everything you need to open Business Bank Accounts in top Asian banking hubs!

  • Choose banks in minutes with our international banking database
  • Open accounts with detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Handle banker questions easily with detailed conversation scripts
  • Meet bank requirements (e.g. local address) with proven solutions
  • Unlock exclusive offers from the best banks in our member reports
  • Receive lists of banks that accept high-risk & offshore businesses
  • Plus much more!

Learn More About Your Options

Asian Business Bank Account Alternatives

Below you’ll find our archive of free resources to assist with account opening. 

This includes detailed articles to help you open accounts in top banking hubs in Asia and free guides explaining how to navigate challenges for specific client types. 

We also share helpful information on how to overcome challenges for specific businesses and individuals.

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We can help you make informed decisions about personal, business, & private banking across Europe, Asia, and the United States. Click here to learn more.

Free Resources

Asian Bank Account Opening

Below you’ll find our archive of free resources to assist with account opening. 

This includes detailed articles to help you open business bank accounts in Asia and free guides explaining how to navigate challenges for specific business types. 

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