Advantages of Debit Card [International Card Benefits]

In this article, weโ€™re looking at how you can unlock the advantages of a debit card issued by an international bank.

That said, some of these advantages can also be accessed with domestic payment cards, though it depends on where youโ€™re from and which bank you have an account with.

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Table of Contents

  1. Advantages of Debit Card
  2. Benefits of Having a Debit Card
  3. How to Open a Bank Account With Debit Card in India
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Ready to Explore Your Options?

Advantages of Debit Card

Advantages of debit cards include enhanced security, theft prevention, the ability to carry out online transactions, the ability to fund international transfers, and more. That said, security features can vary between countries. So, you should still remain diligent and not let anyone access your card without your prior consent.

These advantages exist whether you obtain a domestic debit card in India, the United States, or the United Kingdom. But, you can also unlock these benefits (and more) with an international debit card from a non-resident or offshore banking hub like the Isle of Man, Jersey, or Guernsey.

Weโ€™ll take a closer look at the specific benefits you can unlock with a debit card below. And, weโ€™ll also share how you can start opening accounts with a secure debit card in top banking jurisdictions today.

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Benefits of Having a Debit Card

The benefits of having a debit card include:

  • Theft protection
  • Enhanced security
  • Ability to complete secure transactions online
  • Ability to fund international transfers via card
  • No need to carry other forms of payment

How to Open a Bank Account With Debit Card in India

To open a bank account with a debit card in India, you first need to choose which type of account you want to open. If you are a non-resident, you will likely be choosing between a non-resident ordinary account (NRO), a non-resident external account (NRE), or a foreign currency non-resident account (FCNR). If you are opening business accounts you will face a wider range of considerations before deciding where to apply.

To open an account, in India you will need to go through the standard onboarding process, including verifying your identity, address, residency status, and providing proof of income.

Can Non-Residents Get Debit Cards in India?

In all cases, non-residents can get debit cards when opening bank accounts in India. This is true whether you open an NRO, NRE, or FCNR account with a major international bank or one of the domestic banks offering non-resident accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are two of the most common questions that we receive from people looking into the advantages of a debit card. If you have further questions you would like answered, donโ€™t hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

What Are the Advantages of a Debit Card?

The advantages of a debit card include (1) enhanced security thanks to features like security codes and pins, (2) theft protection because you no longer need to carry cash, (3) the ability to transact online through online merchants, (4) the ability to fund international transfers through money orders and foreign exchange providers, and (5) there are typically no fees associated with receiving or using a debit card.

What Are 5 Disadvantages of Debit Cards?

Five disadvantages of debit cards include (1) risk of an overdraft if you draw beyond your checking account balance, (2) no access to credit to make large purchases, (3) you are not able to earn loyalty or travel rewards points on purchases, (4) you are not able to build your credit score like you can with a credit card, and (5) fraud protection is not as strong as it with a credit card.

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